Reuters reports, for the fifth year ANSA first for reliability – Culture and Entertainment

According to Covid, which has prompted rising demand for certified information, interest in news considered more “difficult” and “traumatic”, such as the war in Ukraine, inflation and the pandemic itself, is waning. People tend to avoid this type of news, and it also diminishes the confidence of readers in general. This is the picture that … Read more

Ukraine, the children who fled the war. The expert: “A wound that is difficult to heal”

Although they have now escaped the bombs and are safe, the children who fled Ukraine to protect themselves from the war continue to pay for the consequences of the traumatic experience they experienced. He tells us about it Annarosa Colonna, Child Neuropsychiatrist from Antoniano Therapeutic Center in Bolognathat suits them. “Headaches, difficulty sleeping and lack … Read more

Ukraine, Zelensky: “In Severodonetsk destroyed infrastructure and 90% of houses damaged”

The Ukrainian president speaks in a video message about the Russian offensive in the largest city of Donbass: “It is a fundamental goal of the occupiers. They do not care how many lives they have to pay for their attempt to hoist the Russian flag.” from regional officials there are fighting street by street, and … Read more

Voices from Donbass. Fr Oleh (salesian): “It’s a massacre, I’ve never seen anything like it”. “World stopper got now”

In recent days, fighting has intensified in the Donbass region. There are fears that Severodonetsk may become a new Mariupol. The city’s mayor, Oleksandr Struk, said more than half of the houses, “60 percent”, were destroyed by Russian bombing, while 80-90 percent were damaged and require major interventions to rebuild. In this city alone, 1,500 … Read more

“I’m also half Venetian.” And he reports on the phone call with Putin. Praise to his wife

SUMMER CAMPAIGN – Twenty students aged 12-13 years and an insecure teacher of literature. It is thanks to them that Mario Draghi today paid his first visit as Prime Minister of Veneto: 3 hours and 15 minutes, according to Palazzo Chigi’s stringent agenda, between Sommacampagna and Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella, in the province of Verona. “Enthusiastic? … Read more