The story of the story 2022: over 5 thousand visitors Culture

An edition that far exceeds the 4,000 entries last year, a large and attentive audience that, despite the heat, filled the seats in Carpi, Novi, Soliera and Campogalliano to listen to Nicola Lagioia, Franco Arminio, Massimo Cacciari, Michele Mari, Paolo Di Paolo, Vasco Brondi, Mariapia Veladiano and the many other guests who animated the five … Read more

Migrants on the border between Poland and Belarus

When he hears to knock at the door, Amina jumps on the couch. Have fear that the police can break into the house and find her. It has not done anything wrong, it’s just one migrant secretly, without documents, without the right to stay in Poland. It came from Belarus crosses the border into the … Read more

> ANSA-FOCUS / 30 years Steamboat, children want fantasy – Books

(by correspondent Mauretta Capuano) (ANSA) – TURIN, MAY 19 – If a good ability to read independently is acquired shortly before the age of 7, reading can become a pleasant activity for boys and girls to pursue in their spare time. It’s the result of a Doxa study launched by Edizioni Piemme-Il Battello a Vapore … Read more

Zaatari refugee camp – Corriere TV

On July 21, the Zaatari refugee camp turns 10 years old. 20 kilometers from the Syrian border, in Jordan, it houses 80,000 Syrian refugees (half of whom are children) who fled the civil war. A network of 26 thousand containers that gradually became a city, with shops, men’s hairdressers and the 11 «Makani» (my room) … Read more