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Salemi. The school opens its doors to the territory and is a celebration of the people

At the end of the school year, the Istituto Comprensivo “G. Garibaldi -G.Paolo II” by Salemi opened the gates to the territory and it was immediately a popular celebration. Hundreds of citizens from Salem and Gibellina flocked to. Most parents to the students. But also simple spectators, attracted by the hint of the large multicolored … Read more

Why do girls do better in school in Arab countries?

In it Arab world there is a paradox that we have been trying to investigate for years: girls are less likely to go to schoolfewer opportunities to continue in education, fewer adult job opportunities, but they achieve much better results than their male peers. Of course, one can not generalize, and each case is separate, … Read more

Galiani Technical Economic Institute at the ‘Caf School’ – Campania

The results of a Silced project – Zerocarta Caf (ANSA) – NAPELS, JUNE 15 – It will be held at a press conference to be held on Friday, June 17 at F. Galiani in via Don Bosco 6 p.m. 10 point on the project, which SILCED – ZEROCARTA Caf calls “A Scuola di CAF”. l … Read more

Students do not move to school in the village of Sforzacosta ok for first grade

MACERATA – After escaping danger, the “Natali” school in Sforzacosta will still have a first class in the next school year 2022-23. In these hours, the confirmation of the formation of a first class at the “Natali” school in Sforzacosta has arrived again next year, at the end of a period of great uncertainty and … Read more