Destination Lofoten: a place in the sun like dried fish

VOICE (LOFOTEN). Every year to Lofoten, the miracle happens. Two million cod leave the Barents Sea and swim for love (it’s Valentine’s Day) to Norway, where many will meet a death like a Shakespearean drama. They stay dry. In the literal sense. They become dry fish (dried in the sun) or cod (preserved in salt), … Read more

Oman, the rose harvest: this is how water is born, ending in cocktails and sweets

Harvest begins at dawn, when the sky is still clear, almost white, for later it gets warm in between the terraced rose gardens of Jabal Akhdar (“The Green Mountain”). Men dressed in white with the traditional dishdasha move silently between symmetrical rows of damask roses as tall as they are, very thorny and fragrant. The … Read more