Sustainability in design that protects players and investments

The design of a game and location can play a critical role in responsible gaming. The development of sustainability strategies could be compared to a remodeling exercise, where the sector, already well-formed, faces the need to develop or repair the old approaches to business and the internal structures that organize it. unfortunately Sustainability was not … Read more

Location for entertainment, the importance of the soundscape

A look at the music and dance machines at the entertainment venues where you are the DJ (and dancer). You get a first impression in front of the entertainment venuesbe it a family entertainment center or a whimsical bar-game room concept aimed at young adults, it is often having a space in front of us … Read more

Games and design, retail focuses on entertainment and spaciousness

– Retail, the importance of designing gaming environments Playgrounds are expanding the quantity and quality of their offerings, and design needs are evolving. Here is the study by architect Paolo Lucchetta. Forget smoky gambling dens or a cramped corner that a tobacconist or bar reserves for a castle. Current (and legal) gaming locations are a … Read more

In general, amusement says: ‘Technical extension to write simpler rules together’

New meeting in the General States of Amusement, focus on expiration of the deadlines for the homologations per. 31 December 2023, consultation with Adm for simpler regulation and Lan-rum. It is necessary a technical extension to standardize and simplify legislationand adjust the deadline for approval of all slot machines without cash prizes – including ticket … Read more