For Arburg ‘there is only one plan A’

4 August 2022 08:59 As usual, the German manufacturer of injection molding machines and systems for industrial additive manufacturing Arburg will announce the news that it will exhibit at K. in Düsseldorf at a press conference scheduled the day before the fair gates opened. However, he predicted what this year’s theme and exhibition program will … Read more

We explain why fake grass is the worst thing you can put in the garden (especially now)

Creating a garden with a synthetic lawn may seem like a pleasant choice, but it is extremely harmful to the environment and our health @metelevan / 123rf Many people choose to buy artificial lawns and foliage to give a “green” feel to gardens, pools and terraces, seduced by the low cost of these design objects … Read more

Rubber-plastic machines between optimism and uncertainty

July 8, 2022 08:58 For Italian builders from machinery and treatment equipment of rubber and plastic 2021 was a good year, and – if you look at the numbers – it is 2022 opened under the banner ofoptimismeven though there are difficulties, stumbles and uncertainty reigns. The point about the sector’s situation was made yesterdayAnnual … Read more

Sunscreens for babies, do you know what’s inside? Found controversial filters and liquid plastics, the best and worst brands in the German test

What are the most effective and safest sunscreens for babies and children in terms of ingredients and UV filters? The results of a new German test consist of only 9 out of 21 products with gloss. Among the “rejected” products are some well-known brands such as La Roche-Posay, Eucerin and Lancaster He is about to … Read more