Destination Lofoten: a place in the sun like dried fish

VOICE (LOFOTEN). Every year to Lofoten, the miracle happens. Two million cod leave the Barents Sea and swim for love (it’s Valentine’s Day) to Norway, where many will meet a death like a Shakespearean drama. They stay dry. In the literal sense. They become dry fish (dried in the sun) or cod (preserved in salt), … Read more

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Students from Liceo Petrocchi visit a kindergarten and then among vines, olive trees and cypresses to see the ‘backstage’ The White Mulberry, which finds new life even in the city, in the sterile varieties. Lagerstroemia indicates suitable for resisting climate change. And then the CO2 absorbers: Quercus robur (Farnia) and Ginkgo Biloba; Acer Campestre, which … Read more