Myla project: support and help for 700 families and 1000 children

Approx. 700 families reached in interventions to support maternity and support for parenthood and 1000 children with approx. 1500 hours of additional laboratory and recreational-recreational activities: actions and activities carried out as part of the “Myla, my country for children” project supported by social activities with children in connection with the fight against educational poverty. … Read more

Dental health in children worsened after the pandemic, such as rushing for remedies during the summer

According to a recent study by Key-Stone for Curasept, a leading Italian company in oral care, a disturbing figure on oral hygiene in children is emerging: according to 39% of dental hygienists, the situation is oral care in pediatric age, it has actually gotten worse in the last two years. “From the data we have … Read more

how to leave in the summer with healthy habits

Oral hygiene in children turns out to be “Cinderella” of good health practice: from a very recent survey conducted by Key-Stone for Curasept, a leading Italian company in oral care, it turns out that for 39% of dental hygienists, the situation is for oral care. pediatric care has deteriorated over the last two years. “From … Read more

What to do with children on Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th of June

Another weekend has arrived. “Long last!” mothers and fathers will think after a long and very hot Roman week. The coming weekend will be especially lively, fun with many family-friendly events. As every Saturday and Sunday, the capital does not actually disappoint and offers interesting cultural trips, guided tours, movie screenings, breathtaking adventures. Here is … Read more