The boys ‘and girls’ council is a reality

The boys ‘and girls’ council is a reality The Boys ‘and Girls’ Council is a reality | Macerata municipality You are here: Home | News | The boys ‘and girls’ council is a reality The council for boys and girls in the city of Macerata is now a reality. This morning, the city council actually … Read more

The market for water jet cutting machines is expected to grow at a remarkable rate until 2028 – Puglia volleyball

Fortune Business Insights research recently published on the Global Water Jet Cutting Machine Market research report provides facts and statistics regarding the structure and size of the market. The global Futura water jet cutting machine market Research presents an in-depth analysis of size, growth, share, segments, manufacturers and forecasts for the global market, competitive landscape … Read more

promote Bella’s food culture –

A new scene of Madkultur Geoportalen and the first edition of a new agreement dedicated to strengthening local traditions meet in Biella on the occasion of “BIS – taste weekend”, a widespread event held from 6 to 8 May between kl. food and wine and culture, designed by the BIellezza Foundation with the support of … Read more

Kids off screens: what’s over screen time

It only takes two hours in front of a screen to develop health problems, especially in children and adolescents. The much-discussed topic is not new, but the list of studies confirming this dissertation is getting longer. The most recently recently published it American Journal of Preventive Medicine verified the close association between excessive use of … Read more

VAT exemption for nursing home services

The Danish Tax Agency has published the answer to order no. 221 of 27 April 2022 on dispensation for services of nursing homes and the like. Pursuant to section 10, subsection 21) in the VAT Executive Order, services from orphanages, orphanages, kindergartens, homes for the elderly and the like are exempt from the tax, including … Read more


S.and on the internet, if you were to search for “how to preserve the design”, you would quickly enough find some information about how professionals, restaurateurs and experts in recent years have intervened in more or less important collections at the national level, ranging from the Compasso d’Oro Prize to modern objects on display at … Read more

The “Ruggiero method” for the state exam test

Classical education has been in crisis for some years, facing the spread of the “simplification” of the world around us at the expense of the complexity, of the “liquidation” that characterizes contemporary society according to Bauman’s lesson, of the technology that replaces structured and systematic thinking. SCHOOL / Initial training and competitions, high risk that … Read more