Prato, the students at the “stew school” have lost patience: the protest and the demands of the boys

Over 500 young people at Livi-Brunelleschi high school demonstration under the municipality’s windows. They are divided into seven locations and condemn the lack of a high school and a sufficient number of classrooms Maria Lardara April 30, 2022 Lawn. The eyes light up at the memory of his literature teacher, Mila Montagni, who died of … Read more

20 works of art, installations and innovative design objects that will leave you speechless

The Instagram DesignTherapy page daily shares some of the most significant works of art, installations and design objects on the modern scene. We have selected 20 absolutely fantastic © design.therapyy / Instagram Some of the most significant works of art, installations and design objects on the modern scene are the main characters on the famous … Read more

Education pact between “Lucrezia della Valle” in Cosenza and a Polish school PHOTO

The students of Liceo Linguistico at the “Lucrezia della Valle” school in Cosenza participants, along with 10 students from the Polish school ZESPOL SCHOOL by ELK, the didactic collaborative project “CITY, POLAND, EUROPE, THE WORLD” was held in the council chamber of the Palazzo dei Bruzi to make the city and the municipal institutions aware … Read more

Hype culture, what it is, and how pros and cons affect the future

Human mileage, sites going down, products sold out in minutes. There is a culture – called hype – which is defined by the obsessed search for an exclusive limited edition product, and which represents (potentially) a status symbol for those who manage to be a part of it. Something extremely cool so that it reflects … Read more

ideas to enhance any space

Height, half beauty. It is always said when describing a person, but this famous saying can also be “inconvenient” for home. In fact, the houses that have gods very high ceilings they have a unique charm as long as this feature is utilized in the best way. Decorating an apartment that has such a ceiling … Read more

“Morgantini11”, the real estate project developed by Di Martino Investments and designed by the luxury design workshop Brera Interni

In a context where the Milanese real estate market is increasingly accessible to a few privileged, the real estate project “Morgantini11”. goes against the trend and opens all the doors to residential units characterized by an exclusive design that is able to welcome and embody all the qualitative, modern and fashionable shades of furniture from … Read more