Basque Culinary World Prize 2022: Fatmata Binta wins to spread nomadic culinary Fulani culture

Basque Culinary World Prize 2022: The winner is Fatmata Binta The award, conceived by one of the most important and influential gastronomic training centers in the world, reaches its seventh edition, Basque Culinary Center of San Sebastian, which – together with the Basque government – rewards with 100,000 euros the people who through food create … Read more

“The voice of the voice and the wolf. Ancient stories from the land of Lecce”. The Archaeological Department of Mustens opens on Saturday, June 25th

LECCE – Saturday, June 25that 11 o’clockthe archeological department of MUST – Historical Museum of the City of Lecce is inaugurated with the exhibition “Steregegen and the wolf. Old stories from the land of Lecce “born as a place to tell the historical-archaeological events that particularly pertain to the capital. Sponsored link The exhibition itinerary … Read more

Guastalla sports uniforms delivered to Ukrainian children as part of the “Fuoriclasse” crowdfunding project

A football and a sports uniform with shirt, shorts and bib for the children who fled the war in Ukraine. This is the “Fuoriclasse” project launched by Associazione Psicoatleti Asd together with Unione dei Comuni Bassa Reggiana, a crowdfunding campaign launched on the #Ginger platform in early May 2022. This morning at the Pala Chiarelli … Read more

Alternation between school and work, success for Ptco promoted by Severi

by Monica De Santis Liceo Scientifico Francesco Severi from Salerno is once again confirmed as one of the most avant-garde colleges in Salerno and more attentive to its educational offerings to its students. For the school year, which has just ended, the school leader Barbara Figliolia has launched a number of Ptco projects, which have … Read more

The community center project in Luino is changing, it will be built in the hospital’s entrance building

40 construction sites have been opened by Asst Sette Laghi. An expense commitment of 120 million euros. Some go back in time, others are newer. VARESE HOSPITAL At the Circolo Hospital in Varese, work began on April 20 on the demolition of the Dansi Boffi Pavilion in preparation for the subsequent reconstruction. At the same … Read more

Car and home: how life changes in EV

Car and home: Andrea, a Lombard reader, recounts how the arrival of an Opel Corsa-e has also changed the domestic “electric” organization. We remind you that those who want to tell their story experience, can write to from Andrea Baga “Sis your reader and youtuber “follows” Matteo Valenza. I want to tell about my … Read more