Between viale Dante and corso Garibaldi, it has been completely abandoned for more than 10 years: Cronache’s journey continues from here under the deadly blows of neglect and disinterest Chronicles’ journey among “non-places” continues on these pillars: these buildings – inserted in central or peripheral areas of the city, public or private properties, with different … Read more

Election 2022 and school: precarious work, wages, construction. The parties’ programs in comparison. UPDATED WITH ALLOY

The political clash for the 2022 election campaign is in full swing. The election is scheduled for September 25, 2022. The school is one of the issues over which the political clash has been in full swing for a few weeks. Let’s compare the programs of the parties League Salary for teachers Adapt salary far … Read more

Pd program, Letta seeks a relaunch of rights: “Ddl Zan, egalitarian marriage, Cannabis and Ius scholae”. Then 500 thousand social housing and wages increase

The rights, from ddl Zan And egalitarian marriage as far as Ius scholae And Cannabisthen the increase in wages and public housing. Enrico Lettawho intervenes in the direction of Pd a week after the failed agreement with Carlo Calendatalked about the topics that they intend to focus on the election campaign in the coming weeks. … Read more

Nuove Radici 2.0, sculpture exhibition in Sordevolo

Villa Cernigliaro, a magnificent historic residence in Sordevolo, in the Biella area, will host the exhibition Nuove Radici 2.0 from today, Saturday 13 August, to 10 September 2022. The figurative sculpture project curated by Dina Pierallini and Valentina Redditi is an opportunity to delve into the world and work of fourteen sculptors, some of them … Read more

“Genova model? For the bridge, yes, but now it only promises”. In the neighborhood under Morandi, which 4 years after the collapse is still waiting for reconstruction

After many promises and as many consecrations, two years after the consecration of the new one Genoa motorway viaductthe long awaited one retraining for Quarter below hasn’t gone yet. Of course, the construction sites continue to the railway junction, providing for the passage of trains under and between the houses and the nuisance caused by … Read more

what changes from September for children

Also for the next school year, we will deal with Covid. The Ministry of Education has announced the indications from the Higher Institute of Health for public and private children’s institutions (children up to six years, ed). Among the main points: the use of Ffp2 masks for staff at risk of developing severe forms of … Read more