Recruitment of teachers, Barbacci (CISL): “Competence assessment after one year of service? Useless and free harassment”

A thousand of teacherswhose names were present in 1st row GPS, in September, they were hired and spent a year in service at schools supported by teachers and supervised by school administrators. At present, this is not enough to be placed in the role: these teachersin fact, they will have to overcome another obstacle. The … Read more

What skills are meant by Life Skills? The tools to develop them in school and the benefits for the classes

How to teach classes that seem impossible at first glance, where dialog between classmates and between students and teachers is it non-existent? How perform their work as teachers in difficult and unfavorable learning environments? (GO TO COURSE) These are the most frequently asked questions, ie teachers they arise, especially when they have to manage “difficult” … Read more

Aidem: How to design UDAs through a guided compilation model: practical step-by-step instructions (MIUR-accredited 8 hours)

Accredited online course (8 hours) to support teachers at all grade levels and school levels in design of didactic learning units (UDA), using a guided compilation format and practical indications from an expert on the subject. To know design a UoA correctly and consistently with respect to each phase, from the choice of title, the … Read more

Ius Scholae, Italian nationality after 5 years of education. “The school can only be unanimous.” INTERVIEW with Alessandra Cenerini

Following the chaos in the Education Commission, the debate in the Chamber of Deputies on the provision that, if approved, would allow those who arrived in Italy before the age of 12 to obtain citizenship after completing a five-year school cycle has been postponed to 29 June year. A concrete hope to strengthen the integration … Read more

Lively schools, in Rome the municipality opens 60 institutes in the evenings and on weekends, courses to respect Muslims, and Naples “saves” the language

In it schools the activities performed have different matrices. Numerous projects, initiatives and events stem from local initiatives: They are not “children” of traditional teaching, organized and carried out by teachers employed by the Ministry of Education, but their influence on students’ education and growth is no less. 900 thousand euros to keep Roman schools … Read more

when there is no Pdp holding

It is a common belief that in school only the students learn, but this is not the case. At the end of this three-year period, I realize that I may have learned more than I was able to pass on. By rejecting two third-graders, followed since the first, it is clear that the relationships that … Read more

THE CITY THAT IS CHANGING More habitable suburbs, first stone for the great school of Ponte Pattoli: the project, the pride of the community

The first stone was laid. Ponte Pattoli, the extreme and vast northern region of Perugia, wants its large modern school that already wants to make it a symbol of the territory. It was highly desired by the local community and was finally conceived, funded and launched by the Romizi administration, which in this second mandate … Read more