South Bronx United, street school

That football is one of the strongest social aggregators that has ever existed, if not the strongest, is an established fact. Its nature is cross-cultural, across generations, it transcends boundaries, and over decades it has created endless opportunities for interaction, bonds, support. Worldwide. It’s cheap and easy: an international language capable of breaking down any … Read more

Extraordinary competition bis: oral exam scheduled for July, from September the replacement for the role

Extraordinary competition bis: while the submission of the application is underway, with a deadline of 16 June 2022, we are trying to understand how to give substance to the procedure. The school offices publish announcements about the search for teachers who may be part of the commissions and also suggest a timeline in the light … Read more

Comprehensive Institute “Ruggiero-3 Circolo Caserta”, Lead School of PACE in the capital |

Whatsapp Facebook Twitter Email Print Handed out “Praise of Peace” to Rector Vincenza Della Valle Current father Igor from the Ukrainian community. Presented the song “Turn on Peace” On May 26, 2022 at the comprehensive institute “Ruggiero-3 Circolo” in Caserta, Peace Day was held with the extraordinary presence of the “Torch of Peace” lit for … Read more

Depopulation overwhelms the Sassaran schools

Enrollments in primary and secondary schools are falling, but so is proliferation and Neet is falling Giovanni Bua June 11, 2022 SASSARI. Fewer and fewer students in schools in Sassarese (and on the whole island) with the long wave of depopulation that overwhelms kindergartens and primary schools, hits hard in middle school and (so far) … Read more

Is it possible to skip school years?

It is possible to register for kindergarten and primary school in advance and take the final exams in school cycles a year before. In Italy, there are frequent cases of particularly gifted students who could easily anticipate and shorten their studies. Such situations exist both in primary schools and in primary and secondary schools. At … Read more

“Too many months of vacation.” When will it end in the rest of Europe?

For children it is the most beautiful time of the year. For parents the most tiring. That schools is over and until the first half of September, mothers and fathers will once again have to fight between campus, parental leave, grandparents and babysitters waiting for the long-awaited vacation. The petition Three months at home. “But … Read more

Promises to students, “that’s why they should be abolished.” Manager Vincenzo Caico’s point of view. INTERVIEW is a pilot project

Grades are everything in the school world. They outline results and motivate students to study hard and perform well. Or at least, this is a theory. The debate over whether grades help or hinder students’ learning is as old as the grading system itself, which dates back to the late 1800s. As surprising as it … Read more