10 billion for schools: increased salaries for teachers, sustainable school building, books, canteens and free public transport for students. The PD program [BOZZA]

“Knowledge is power”. This is the name of the part that concerns the education of the programmatic lines of the Democratic Party. As already announced, this is a 10 billion euro plan with increased salaries for teachers, sustainable school buildings, books, canteens and free public transport for middle- and low-income students. What PD predicts for … Read more

how the application is completed and how the task is assigned

In the applications for the allocation of temporary workers, for each express location, the aspirant chooses the contract type. Analytical preference, time segment, and territorial termination of school: how the computerized procedure works. Inquiries Applications for the allocation of temporary workers per 30/06 and 31/08 from GaE and GPS (as well as for the tasks … Read more

Farewell to Piero Angela, a life of scientific communication. Son Alberto: “Have a good trip dad”. Mattarella: “Italy is grateful to him”

Piero Angela, famous scientific popularist, author of the historical column “Quark” (later renamed “Super Quark”) died at the age of 93. To make the announcement, with a post on Facebook, was the son Alberto. “Have a good trip dad,” the TV host wrote, accompanying a photo of his father. Have a good trip dad. pic.twitter.com/Rsu1CXXYV2 … Read more


Between viale Dante and corso Garibaldi, it has been completely abandoned for more than 10 years: Cronache’s journey continues from here under the deadly blows of neglect and disinterest Chronicles’ journey among “non-places” continues on these pillars: these buildings – inserted in central or peripheral areas of the city, public or private properties, with different … Read more

Election 2022 and school: precarious work, wages, construction. The parties’ programs in comparison. UPDATED WITH ALLOY

The political clash for the 2022 election campaign is in full swing. The election is scheduled for September 25, 2022. The school is one of the issues over which the political clash has been in full swing for a few weeks. Let’s compare the programs of the parties League Salary for teachers Adapt salary far … Read more