Huggy Wuggy –

Huggy Wuggy: The nature of a horror video game is very popular with children, but it is stated from the age of 13. Here is everything parents need to know Huggy Wuggy You may have seen a new one at the stalls or in the shops snowman for sale that children insistently ask you to … Read more

“Forcing children to believe is a violation …

by Domenico Guarino To force education in a faith children and young people, forcing them to follow their lessons against the will of their parents is obvious violation of rights. This was established by Turkey’s Constitutional Court accept a citizen’s appeal, Huseyin El his name, which he had appealed to the Supreme Court given that … Read more

new places for teaching activities for children

That outdoor teaching activities under the “Pollicino Verde” project conquer new places in Florence and they come to offer more than 50 activities, stories and workshops for girls and boys aged 0-6 years and their families in 28 places. From Villa Bardini to the Irishaven, from the painted gardens to the Conventino passing through the … Read more

XXVI Day for children who are victims of violence and indifference to pedophilia

“Beyond the door to rediscover life”: is the theme of the day dedicated to children who are victims or at risk of exploitation and abuse, which is promoted annually in late April by the Meter Association of Avola, in Sicily. Over time, the initiative has spread throughout Italy and beyond. Locally organized meetings and prayers … Read more

12 refugees arrived in Bari. Eight are children

“Eight children and four adults have just arrived in Puglia from Ukraine”. This is what was declared by the President of the Puglia region regarding the Apulian mission, thanks to which four mothers and eight children who fled Ukraine were rescued today. “Four children need treatment at the hospital and will be admitted to Giovanni … Read more