Liquid renewable energy of 78.5 Gigawatt power by 2030

That liquid renewable energy they could come to almost 80 Gigawatts of power between wind and solar in 2030. This is the figure that we discussed at the Free Coordination conference ‘Liquid renewable energy – innovative solutions for renewable sources: solar cell and liquid wind power’. Coordinamento Free (Renewable sources and energy efficiency) is an … Read more

Flexible post-covid design

ALUPROF, MB-HARMONI 29/06/2022 – Has COVID-19 changed its attitude towards design? A hot topic is flexible post-covid designcertainly accelerated some of the ongoing processes in the construction of industrial, residential or office buildings. During the pandemic, the designers of these rooms faced a difficult task: after all, people needed isolation and tranquility, while the main … Read more

Architectural firm Trento: Burnazzi Feltrin Architects

That The architectural firm Trento Burnazzi Feltrin was founded in 2003 by architects Elisa Burnazzi and Davide Feltrin. The values ​​of balance and sustainability together with the dream-like mission “You dream, we design” have made the two famous Trento Architectswho are the architects behind the design and construction of some of the most beautiful buildings … Read more

From New Zealand to the United States, there is the ghost of a housing bubble. “Italy is not in danger”

MILAN – There is a dangerous wind in the real estate market. A global wind, with showers assuming ‘thunderstorm’ characteristics at the local level, we would say if we were up to the weather forecast. Even the President of the ECB, Christine Lagardea few days ago, he pointed out to us: “In countries with a … Read more

Let’s go back to the issues we were working on

After all, the conduct of the Waldenserkirken’s district conferences brings us back to the discussion that the pandemic suddenly broke out in the winter two years ago. The Waldenses and Methodist churches are grouped into four districts, which hold their annual session in late spring. The deputies of the individual churches, pastors, deacons, those in … Read more

“From war to the moon”, the step is short

Two engaged couples move through the streets of Milan on a curious park bike. It’s 1947, they’ve just put the war behind them and are heading towards tomorrow. With a smile. A charge of hope. And dreams. Because the future awaits them, it is theirs. They can finally imagine a life together and reach far. … Read more