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Sea, sun, waves crashing against the shore… why make your mind travel to far away places when you can have a beach house owned? Let’s find out why investing in coastal brick is a practical choice. With the arrival of summer and the scorching heat, many cities become unlivable. Buy one Beach house it is … Read more

Friday’s cry: “Let the parties listen to us, they are disconnected from reality. The measures for the climate can also provide an answer to the social crisis”

Policy lacks “a grip on realityto the real problems of people, a vision of a different world from what it has believed for decades the only possible one“. That is the essence of a hard publication, which young people of Friday for the future – the environmental movement inspired by Greta Thunberg’s climate strikes – … Read more

Pd program, Letta seeks a relaunch of rights: “Ddl Zan, egalitarian marriage, Cannabis and Ius scholae”. Then 500 thousand social housing and wages increase

The rights, from ddl Zan And egalitarian marriage as far as Ius scholae And Cannabisthen the increase in wages and public housing. Enrico Lettawho intervenes in the direction of Pd a week after the failed agreement with Carlo Calendatalked about the topics that they intend to focus on the election campaign in the coming weeks. … Read more

“Genova model? For the bridge, yes, but now it only promises”. In the neighborhood under Morandi, which 4 years after the collapse is still waiting for reconstruction

After many promises and as many consecrations, two years after the consecration of the new one Genoa motorway viaductthe long awaited one retraining for Quarter below hasn’t gone yet. Of course, the construction sites continue to the railway junction, providing for the passage of trains under and between the houses and the nuisance caused by … Read more