A cycle of meetings about communication between grandparents, children and grandchildren is underway in the Citizens’ Library “Slow time” is a project promoted by Chieri municipality in collaboration with third sector units and other associations with the aim of creating recreational and educational activities and initiatives and cultural, artistic, musical and environmental character, caters to … Read more

Motorola returns with a focus on design and functionality

The phone is apparently secondary in an ever-richer range of products: do not get us wrong, the all-new Motorola Edge 30 (without pro) with high-quality 6.5-inch screen, respectable photographic space, powerful yet economical processor (more savings than its brother larger), Dolby Atmos stereo sound and a range of features that make it interesting in the … Read more

Industrial automation, FANUC: internship in a company and scholarships for students. The future belongs to the young.

FANUC supports and supports the school world and the students with concrete initiatives that are open to all, with the aim of bridging the lack of competence, consolidating the school-work synergy and strengthening the country system by injecting young talents into the production. Italy is a country with a strong production vocation, and this industry … Read more

School how to do it in augmented reality

Microsoft is convinced that this is an ideal stage for “strengthen teachingskills, collaboration and knowledge sharing“. Under his Edu-dag 2022, the annual event to talk about school, university, research and culture has put the concept of “Augmented” at the center. In short, there has been talk of augmented reality strictly speaking but also metaphorically. “Last … Read more

Our kids are eating three times as much sugar every day as they should be, the new alarm

The results of new research show that the average child in the UK consumes more than six teaspoons of free sugar every day, which far exceeds the recommended threshold of 25 grams and increases the risk of becoming overweight adults. © Deagreez / 123rf The data estimate that young children eat the equivalent of about … Read more

The tools to know the discrepancies by …

Rome, Apr 13 – As we often remember, it is also in our articles more and more clearly “it the value of disseminating information which essential tool for increase the level of security in the workplace “. For example, the conclusions that have emerged in connection withtechnical assessment activities associated with machinery and work equipment … Read more