Room etiquette | Elle Interior

Does the house follow any rules? Words to Samuel Briatore And Francesca Martinellithe authors of the book just published Room etiquette. “It was 1967 then Colette Rossellibetter known by many as Letizia womanpublic The house’s big book with the publisher Curcio, whose introduction was edited by her husband, Indro Montanelliwho defined the house as a … Read more

How to choose your design furniture

How to recognize what is the design furniture, has become a real must in the furniture sector? These pieces of furniture are designed by the best designers and generally have innovative lines and shapes, and with their presence, they are capable of transforming any room. The designer furniture Made in Italy they are the best … Read more

The 10 cheapest electric cars in 2022

That electric cars they represent the future, but also the present of sustainable mobility. The continuous and unstoppable technological advances have made it possible to significantly reduce the cost of buying a car with electric power, but still not quite on par with endothermic city cars. But what are they electric cars cheapest in 2022, … Read more

TFA support VII cycle, pre-selection canceled at some universities. All are admitted directly to the written test

TFA VII cycle support: there are some circumstances where the preselective test, the first of the three passed for admission to the course, does not take place. These are some personal situations that allow for exemption from the test and a single collective situation that gives everyone direct access to the written test. Requirements for … Read more

Identity and pride: let’s rediscover our Sannio

The enthusiasm and love for their country, anchoring an idea of ​​integrated growth of Sannio into its history, projects it into the future: it was truly a pleasure for me to accompany the consul Enrico De Agostini in the Sannio Press Tour 2022. An extraordinary person, I would say visionary in strategies but concrete By … Read more

The inconvenient truths that “Vailettrico does not tell”

The inconvenient truths that Vaielettrico wanted to hide. Two readers write to us, accusing us of not telling the truth about network failures and charging times. Vaielelektrisk he answers. We remind you that questions should be sent to The inconvenient truths: the columns are few and the state can not lose the gas taxes … Read more

Presented “Literary Avellino”, the initiative that loves culture

Festa: “The culture of books is fundamental because it helps to tell us, get to know us and make us known” Avellino – Today, at Villa Amendola, the second edition of the “Literary Avellino” review was presented. The event, sponsored by the municipality, province and diocese of Avellino, promoted by Festa Viaggi, was organized by … Read more

Felicetti inaugurates new 40 million plant (PHOTO): ” The goal is now to exceed 60 million in turnover ”. Industrial design based on sustainability

SLOT-MOLINA DI FIEMME. The art of knowing how to do is to give taste. Acting hardly goes perfectly with taste stimuli. The Felicetti dynasty has certainly managed to realize entrepreneurship and food security. To produce pasta, a popular food par excellence and at the same time an ingredient for well-being. The synthesis of this meal … Read more