tips and tricks to save on your bill

Saturday 6 August 2022 – 17:35

Airzone: tips and tricks to save on your bill

As temperatures rise, energy costs tend to rise in homes

Rome, 6 Aug. (askanews) – In the summer, air conditioners are among the most important sources of electricity consumption, and especially in recent months, with the increase in energy prices, there is a risk of having to choose whether to turn on the air conditioner in the house or avoid stratospheric beaks. According to data from the European Commission, energy inflation in Italy is among the highest among the main EU countries, exceeding 40% at the beginning of the summer.

Davide Truffo, Business Development and Training Manager for Airzone Italia and expert in air conditioning, explains the mistakes to avoid when using air conditioning and the tricks that every consumer should keep in mind to reduce energy consumption in their home.

Error: Do not clean the air conditioning filters

One practice that is not given proper attention is cleaning the filters, which is important to remove the dust that remains trapped. A filter that does not allow a proper passage of air forces the machine to work harder. How often should you clean the filters? It is usually indicated by the manufacturer in the machine’s instruction booklet, but it is in any case a good idea to clean at the beginning of the warm season.

Flaws: Extreme temperatures

Instructing the machine to reach 20 degrees, while the outside temperature is 38°, involves too much effort on the machine, which it has to make to reach the desired temperature in a short time. The programming and above all the remote control make it possible to anticipate the start of the air conditioner, to reach the desired temperature over a longer period of time, with less effort on the machine and consequent savings.

So instead of going back into the house and turning on the air conditioner at 20 degrees to immediately find relief, a solution could be to communicate to the machine an hour earlier via the remote control that it should reach a temperature of approx. 25° at 1 p.m. The machine will start running to achieve what is specified at the specified time with maximum efficiency. This is possible thanks to the climate control systems.

Error: Intermittent On/Off

It is important to avoid switching the air conditioner on and off intermittently. The recommended solution is to specify the desired temperature for the machine, then the machine will automatically reach and maintain the constant temperature.

Error: “old” air conditioning system

The new machines have more innovative technologies and guarantee greater efficiency. It is therefore important to renew the air conditioning system and, if this is not possible, to make it intelligent thanks to RETROFIT solutions such as Aidoo by Airzone. Aidoo is a small device which, integrated with the air conditioner, makes it possible to control it from a smartphone with the app. In this way, even the oldest air conditioners will be able to benefit from the most advanced functions.

Error: Forget about the external device

Just as it is important to clean the filters, it is equally important to take care of the external devices of the air conditioner, which are usually exposed to bad weather because they are located in open areas. Even a visual check of the system’s condition and an audible check of the fans’ rotation could avoid excessive consumption and sudden failures.

Trick: Quality windows

Most cold loss occurs through windows. For this reason, by installing PVC windows, for example, we will prevent the cold generated by our air conditioners from dispersing, helping the environment to maintain its ideal temperature.

Trick: Ventilated facades

A very effective way to reduce energy consumption in a home is to choose ventilated facades. These are systems designed to create an air chamber that encloses the exterior of the building, improving its insulation. In addition, the chimney effect generated in the air chamber, i.e. the movement of air caused by the temperature difference between inside and outside, the air to circulate, generating continuous ventilation that helps keep the walls cooler.

Trick: Using curtains, blinds and shutters

If you do not have an effective insulation system, it is advisable to take advantage of the shade produced by curtains and blinds, which prevent sunlight from entering the room and thus keep it cooler. Keeping them closed also makes it somewhat difficult for the cold to escape, helping to maintain the desired temperature with lower consumption.

Trick: Automations

In addition to the changes described above, there are also cost-effective and easy-to-install solutions that can make a big difference to a building’s energy savings. For example, a programmable plug means that we can only switch on the water heater during the hours when we need to heat up the water. A Wi-Fi controller for air conditioning, such as those in the Aidoo series by Airzone, allows you to control it remotely, avoid waste due to forgetfulness or allows you to turn on the air conditioning in advance to avoid screwing up the thermostat too low when the house has a very high temperature, which would make the appliance less efficient. In addition, Airzone offers homes and businesses an effective solution to reduce consumption: the Zone air conditioning control systems (zoning) allow savings of up to 73% without sacrificing comfort.


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