Theatro: a space for designers where they can learn about and see climate screen solutions for good architecture

A meeting place for people, Theatro is a space for thought, design and development, an opportunity to build relationships and projects togetherconcepts well highlighted by the dividend Meet, think, build (literally: meeting, thought, construction).

The square was born as a showroom in January 2017, on the initiative of founding companies Schüco Italia and Thema, to show solutions for the climate screen but also as a room for training meetings. Two years later is the turning point: Theatro becomes one network of companies for avant-garde design, a reality that brings together leading companies in the architecture and design sector, guided by the common goal of promoting good architecture and design inspired by living well-being.

Theatro is a hub (centre) consisting of leading companies in its reference sector, coordinated by a common direction which supports the architect and the client throughout the entire construction process, from design to the development of customized solutions. The primary purpose is to promote sustainability, well-being, technological innovation, to facilitate and streamline work for all parties involved, regardless of type (residential, offices, hospitality, retail, etc.) and size. the building.

Theatre, aerial view of the exterior. Photo Stefano Brandolini

The budget in numbers

In its first three years of activity, Theatro brought together over 20 companies from various sectors and participated in 176 projects. This, together with the organization of around 25 major cultural events, has given the partners the opportunity to get in touch with 2,780 architects and designers. The total turnover of the partner companies, which is earned thanks to the network, is over 43 million euros.

Theatro is the result of a vision born in 2014 with the aim of creating a workspace dedicated to designers to promote a truly integrated design experience “, explains Roberto Brovazzo, general manager of Schüco International Italy and co-founder of Theatro. “It is a space where we can have the useful and rational display of our systems, to which many other complements have been added over time for climate control, interior design and building technologies. By making use of the expertise and support of specialists who define, develop and realize the professional with Theatro its projects in less time, with reduced costs, better quality by integrating the reference solutions on the market with each other“.

Theatro scenography image Matteo Bianchessi

The scenography of the teatro. Photo by Matteo Bianchessi

Theatro represents a new model of architecture”, continue Cristian Tegas, CEO of Thema and co-founder of Theatro. “Our vision consists of combining strengths and expertise, improving the quality of projects, promoting good architecture. We do this through our non-profit network, which is engaged in projects with an important social value. In a spontaneous and natural way, transfer this virtuous model to the companies that are part of our network“.

The inner rooms

Theatro makes available functional spaces for sharing, a showroom and a backstage area specifically dedicated to physical experimentation of solutions and realization of projects. But not only that, the room has actually been enriched with The Build gallery, a place to experiment with solutions capable of integrating design, technology and performance by discovering mock-ups made by Theatro and its partners.

What are mock-ups? They are prototypes, customized solutions that integrate envelope products and more, developed through calculations, research, ongoing comparisons with architects, engineers, partner companies. As Cristian Tegas explains: “With the opening of the new outdoor area, the last word in our payoff has also been realized. The 1:1 models of the projects Theatro is working on with its partner companies are now combined in one exhibition tour that gives the designer and the customer an experience with a museum flavourable to highlight in detail the tested solutions and the companies that have collaborated“.

Theatro Platea behind the Backstage area Photo Filippo Podestà

The stalls and behind them the Backstage area. Photo Filippo Podestà

Companies and projects

The companies that are part of the network are the founders Schüco Italia, Thema, in addition to the partners AGC, ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems, Duravit, Resstende, Schneider Electric, Culligan, Daikin, Daku, Florim, Griesser, iGuzzini, Kairos, Laboratorio Morseletto, Legnotech, Pellinindustrie, Pratic, Roda, Starpool, Technogym, Banco Desio, Pro Viaggi Architettura.

To respond effectively to designers’ needs and expectations, the partners work in specialized working groups based on the type of solution proposed. The thematic clusters currently active are dedicated to the building’s climate screen, systems, wellness/outdoor and interior design.

Among the ongoing projects: TOG Center in Milan with Milan Ingegneria, Zucchetti Village in Lodi with Lombardini22, Langham Hotel Venice with Matteo Thun & Partners. Added to this is the important remodeling of Rinascente in Piazza Fiume in Rome by Franco Albini and Franca Helg: a choral project where each floor of the building is curated by a different architectural firm, Studio 2050+, Paolo Lucchetta, DWA Design Studio, Studio Wok, Fabbricanove.

Theater, exterior and interior images

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