The seventh edition of Graphic Days is dedicated to children –

It will take place from 17 September to 2 October 2022 the seventh edition of Graphic Days®, the international festival of visual design. For the first time, the festival will be fully broadcast in Turin in 6 main locations and with a calendar on top 40 agreements of the local design studios. Another important news in this edition: all initiatives will be dedicated to Children’s theme.

When and where will Graphic Days® take place

That 17 and 18 September 2022 the seventh edition of Graphic Days® opens with a special event within Docker Dorawith a program of exhibitions, workshops, lectures, video projections, performances, a handicraft exhibition and a food and drink area set up for the apartment.

That 21 September 2022 inaugurate a personal exhibition of the illustrator Lucio Schiavone On Musa place, the multipurpose room located in front of the Consolata Shrine; it is the artist’s first solo show, a retrospective of the illustrator’s work and a path rejected on the theme of childrencreated especially for the festival.

The festival house stays in Cavallerizza Reale’s fly sleeveto from 23 September to 2 October 2022 will be animated by a rich schedule from initiatives between performances, lectures, agreements with illustrators and serigraphy, as a result of a major exhibition dedicated to the excellence of the international visual design panorama.

Among the 6 main sites, the laboratory Press Club Turin where is 24 and 25 September 2022 they will take place workshops dedicated to serigraphy and printing techniques and Pingone’s house which will host one exhibition by the artist Riccardo Colombo and some workshops.

The evenings d 27 and of 29 September 2022 they will be dedicated to calendar appointments In the city: Besides 100 design studios, artists and realities operating in the area participate in the festival curate and design in own offices 42 initiatives dedicated to the festival’s themes.

The theme of the festival: the children’s world

The Graphic Days festival® will be an opportunity to highlight children’s/teenagers’ point of view: the use of game as a key to interpreting the worldfantasy and the ability to see further (obstacles, appearance or evidence), the importance oftake care of the future.

From the worldpublishing companyby game productionin until the development of programs dedicated by cultural institutions, children actually offer a terror of constant experimentation for visual design and social design.

Concentrating the design focus on the youngest means that we ask ourselves about the role of design,innovation and interaction digital in the process of creative learning and on the capacity of social design to convey complex messages such as environmental issuesgender, linguistic inclusion, cognitive disorders, …

The child theme will be treated with three interpretations

Design for children: examples of visual design used to create products and services that target the smallest.

Like children’s design: experiences that highlight the power of a design culture based on a playful attitude and an immediate, colorful and fun imagery typical of children.

Design with children: workshop activities and initiatives carried out together with children.

Not a children’s festival but about children

It is not therefore of a festival for childrenbut of a festival that addresses itself as it visual design is accessible to children; at least they won’t fail also activity direct aimed at the youngest.

Especially after the end of the festival, Friday 7 and Saturday 8 October 2022 a new hub will be activated: Cumiana15for the off event designed for children aged 6 to 11 and for their families for that purpose stimulate the development of creativity and cognitive skills in the little ones.

The program will be implemented with scientific support from Giorgio Camuffoprofessor of visual communication at the Free University of Bolzano and project leader of EDDES, the research program dedicated to the application of design in the fields of education and training.

The visuals of the festival

That visual of the festival translates the festival’s theme into a visual and abstract key. From tangram, the ancient game, of Chinese origin, consisting of seven tablets that the player composes to make figures, the forms have become irritated overlapping visual textures and layers to convey the message of change, construction and generativity.

The visual is fell in different ways, it evolves and changes, experiments with language and adapts to different media, between analogue and digital, between physical and virtual space; the visual actually was born as a digital languagebut it will be one physical experience spaces and falls in various outputs through the use of different techniques, from serigraphy to engraving, to the creation of fabrics, based on the experience of the Print Club Torino laboratory. The produced output is exhibited inside Cavallerizza and Docks Dora is unique workspresented on the market as physical and digital works through NFTs.

Exhibition dedicated to Alessandro Caligaris with workshops

Finally, on 28 September, thanks to a collaboration with beeozanaman exhibition dedicated to the figure of Alessandro Caligari in the rooms via Foligno 14, while with Xké laboratory and Doodling Festival of Novara will be organized workshops for children.

The complete program can be found on the website

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