The quiet Tancau, among books, sparkling gardens and a sea for connoisseurs –

Authentic red porphyry cathedrals peek out at the edge of Provincial Road 63. It looks like a western landscape made glowing by the roaring sun that surrounds it. Tancau sul Marehiding it from those who come from the green Barbagia and went in Gallura. Maybe good or maybe not, the 220 inhabitants of this village Lotzorai they will never be able to give a firm answer, although they would probably win the poll conducted among umbrellas and towels. Surely this handful of houses that flank the promenade, which is actually the main street of the coastal town, is a pleasant surprise bestowed by the Sardinian summer on those who chooseOgliastra as a holiday destination, or even to spend longer periods and even to live there on a permanent basis.

Marine style villas dominated by high euphoria

The houses, mainly villas in a vaguely marine style, are surrounded by lush gardens, where the high euphoria they are the undisputed champions, along with the bougainvillea, the cacti, although the streets are rather mockingly named after the iconic peaks of the Alps, as if a name like Monte Rosa or Mont Blanc might bring a bit of breeze and give respite to the heat. If you look inside the fences, you realize that everything really grows here, otherwise Roberto Griva he would not be able to create an oasis of palm trees in his park Mediterranean hotel in which Washingtonia looks like a diva, that one strelitzia reginae are given equal importance: together with the willow, they frame the pond populated by turtles of this hotel, which, also thanks to the personality of its owner-manager, displays a tasty tropical chic style. Roberto loves vintage, arrives in the Lambretta in the morning and leaves in the evening at the wheel of his Volvo Franco Battiato when he was dating Alice: he is the symbol of the harmony that reigns over Tancau sul Mare.

The cliffs of Birissi and the island of Ogliastra on the horizon

Give it the rocks of Birissi up to the mouth of Rio Pramaera and off toThe island of Ogliastra, here the gaze always enjoys a naturalistic landing place of great value – we are surrounded by beauty and we do not waste it. There is no fuss, people spend their time reading, eating fruit in kiosks, taking a bath. The road protects us, a small beach town for connoisseurs of the beautiful sea. A few meters further on, on the boulders that emerge from the transparent water, just beyond the beds Lanthia Resort, Sirio Meloni in a life preserver, he notices that in the water there is no one who needs him. In any case, I would be ready, I also have a license for jet ski rescue, although here the sea is a sheet and it is primarily necessary to check that the boats respect the safety distance on the way to the Islet of Ogliastra. The pine forest provides refreshment, massages are also practiced on the beds at the top of the hill. Someone is catching octopuses, the children are playing, reading. Those who live close to the sea actually spend most of their time in the water.

The books and slices of watermelon challenge the motorboats

Instead Luca Tangianu he doesn’t have much available to swim as he would like, he who studies sports science in Cagliari and works as a barman here. I believe that the tranquility of the village inspires civility and education in the people who visit it. If you look around, you actually notice how high the number of holidaymakers with a book in hand and the smartphone kept strictly silent in their bag is. In Tancau sul Mare, your fingers really roll through the pages of paper, cutting slices of watermelon, it seems that technology has paused or is being denied access. Also Anna Assunta Chironiwhich comes from Three (of which first citizen), she spends her Sunday afternoons here free from institutional obligations: I come with my daughter and to meet friends. For us who live in Ogliastra, Tancau sul Mare performs the miracle of making us forget every problem, bad thoughts and difficulties lose consistency and we are imbued only with a sense of peace and harmony. Sometimes this image of motorboats sketching too daring trattorias heading for the bays of Ogliastra is splashed only for moments. And then in the meantime you can dive into the sea to not hear the sounds and take advantage of the waves they travel to get to know the fish, certainly more than the permanent inhabitants of Tanca and just as serene and peaceful.

It is part of the municipality of Lotzorai, in the province of Nuoro, on foot you can easily reach Santa Maria Navarrese, the most famous seaside resort in this area of ​​Ogliastra, from where you can board to discover the caves, rocks , coves bathed by an indigo sea . Inside, you can make really interesting hiking plans, especially in Baunei and Urzulei, while in Triei, a thriving village, explore the Giants’ Tombs in the locality of Osono. The architecture of Tancau sul Mare characterized by beautiful villas, all with lush gardens, located just off the provincial road and some even tens of meters before the sea.

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