The “Piano Focale” school flies to the Venice Film Festival with Daniele Ciprì

“In the bowels of a timeless city, in a ruined and now unrecognizable world, together we will discover the Sicilian puppeteer Marcello’s desperate survival plan.”

The short film “The oven” by the director and cinematographer Daniele Cipri will be the protagonist of the famous review “Days of the authors” within the 79th Venice International Film Festival. The short film will be shown Monday, September 5, 2022 in the prestigious “Perla” room and is followed by an exclusive event in collaboration with SIAE.

“The oven” it is a production Eikona movie in cooperation with Slink set by Daniele Occhipinti e Rodeo Drive by Marco Poccioni and Marco Valsania, co-financed by Film Commission of Sicily and realized with contributions from the students in Piano Focale Film School, founded and directed by Giuseppe Gigliorosso based in Palermo, who made the news on the occasion of the cinema white night in Petralia Sottana (pictured); the project is in collaboration with the Academy of Arts, the Music Conservatory in Palermo and Euroform.

The script was written by Daniele Ciprì together with set designer Fabrizio Lupo and director Gianni Cannizzo. The original music was composed by Maestro Giuseppe Vasapolli.

“La Fornace” represented an exceptional training and professional moment for the students Focal Plane Film School of the director, photography and scriptwriter courses for the academic year 2021/2022, which was an active part of the creation process of the work.

The protagonist of the short film is the puppeteer Marcello, played by Agrigento Giorgio Portannese for the first time on screen.

Five days of filming in various locations in Palermo, including the evocative setting of Salvatore Maiorana’s Antiche Fornaci Maiorana, one of the most important Sicilian industrial archeological sites and the former Ambra cinema in Palermo.

Experience, talent and training – these are the pillars of the project”The oven” where the experience and talent of great film professionals is combined with the enthusiasm of very young film students.

The short film team consists of: Fabrizio Lupo, scenographer and screenwriter, teacher at the Academy of Arts in Palermo and author of the sets of “Tano da Morire“,”Negotiation”, “The Glass Child“. Gianni Cannizzo, scenographer, director’s assistant and editorformer screenwriter of the film project “The Ghost Particle” and director and author of the video clips”Freedom” and “Kudos for the slowness”. Samuela Cirrone, Costume designer(“The traitor “,” Via Castellana Bandiera “,” In the light of the sun“). Giuseppe Vasapolli, author of the original music, Maestro at the A. Scarlatti Conservatory of Palermo and composer for some of the most important international audiovisual networks (Fox, AMC, ABC, History Channel, National Geographic, Disney, NBC, CBS). The visual effects are off Metaphyx, by Luca Saviotti, one of the most important VFX companies in the Italian audiovisual panorama.

The Sicilian dolls come from the private collection of Mr. Vincenzo Garifo, operator of the famous puppeteer Gaspare Canino.

On the occasion of the shooting that ended in Palermo in April, the award-winning Daniele Ciprì (2 David di Donatello, 2 Globo d’oro, 3 Ciak D’oro, 4 Nastri d’Argento) was the protagonist of a press conference organized on the set of Fornaci Maiorana, where he gave interviews and answered questions from journalists in front of a glass of wine accompanied by the tasting of typical Sicilian products sponsored by Dainotti’s – In Picciotti del Capoan institution of Palermo street food.

The short comes from a path that I follow on the imagination and from a human and artistic reflection on man and art – declares the Master Cipri’- a reflection on humanity and what is happening today, including the war. I wondered who could make a sincere reflection on art and what is happening today, and I found my answer in the dolls
that precisely because they are soulless, they don’t know it, they don’t know it, but they continue to exist because it is we who animate them.”

The short then flies to Venice and takes a prominent place within Writers’ Days, an independent review born in 2004 within the Venice International Film Festival. The purpose of the exhibition is to create awareness for quality films, without limitations of any kind, with an eye for innovation, research, expressive originality and authorship and productive independence. Among the guests from recent years of the exhibition are names of the caliber of Marina Abramovic, William Dafoe, Kirsten Dunst, Kim KI-duk, John Tuturro, Wim Wenders, Sigur Rós and many others.

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