Tesla, Elon Musk: “Target two million cars a year”. But in Europe, Volkswagen and Stellantis are ahead

If all goes according to plan, before the end of next year Tesla it will be able to produce two million cars a year, with or without Elon Musk“It would continue to do very well even if I were abducted by aliens,” the South African-born executive at the Austin, Texas plant said during the meeting with investors. To whom he guaranteed that “the company has a very bright future” even without him, he announced that he still intends to stay with Tesla as long as it can be useful. Musk confirmed the long-term goal of producing 2 million of vehicles per year.

To center it, he insisted on the need to expand the network of Giga factory globally, because Tesla does not have problems with demand, but with production. In June, the German side opened a few months ago near Berlin, has “milled out” just a thousand cars a week, only a tenth of its capacity. Musk reported ten thousand babies problems which is intended to be solved “one at a time”, but without the plant at full capacity, Tesla will not be able to reach two million units.

It takes 10 or 12 factories with capacities of between 1.5 and 2 million vehicles per year, a level still unheard of among car manufacturers who, while seeking to increase productivity, are in some cases reducing production. Tesla currently has 5 Giga Factories: in addition to the one in Berlin, it has three in the US (but cars are only produced in Fremont and Austin) and one in China. The location of a new factory could already be announced by the end of the year.

Musk has somehow claimed Tesla’s “groundbreaking” boats withinelectrification both of autonomous driving, solutions which, according to the manager, will be offered by everyone in the future, but on the front of profitability in the long term, the American manufacturer is one step ahead of the others. “The hardest thing to replicate is our manufacturing strategy,” he said. That Manager he recalled that Tesla aims to rethink the way vehicles are manufactured, citing for example the Giga Press (everything is of larger proportions in Tesla, including the charging stations, which are Super Chargers) “which fuses structural elements into a single piece of aluminum that can replace the welding of hundreds of individual pieces of steel”.

The crossover Model Y (already 40,000 units marketed in Europe at the end of June) has already become the car that guarantees the highest turnover and with next year it will also become Tesla’s best seller Model 3. It was expected Cyber ​​truck it should go into production around the middle of next year, in Texas.

Musk is not the only one with big ambitions. Apart from Volkswagen, which from that turning point, the now next ex-adm. Manager Herbert Diess strives to be number one among electric car manufacturers, there is too Carlos Tavares which, in Stellanti’s name, aims to make the Franco-Italian-American group the first in volume, at least in Europe. In the second quarter of the year, it placed the Fiat 500e at the top of the ranking of the best-selling zero-emission cars: it is the first time for a model not manufactured by Tesla for two years now. Globally, in the first half of the year, the Chinese from BYD, in which the American billionaire invested Warren Buffet and that in the coming weeks in the Netherlands will present its major European offensive, it has sold 641,000 electric cars against Tesla’s 564,000. IN Europe preceded not only by Stellantis, who in the same period delivered 105,413 copies, but also by the German rivals from Volkswagen group, leading with 116,307. Tesla stopped at 78,277, of which almost 19,500 were in Germany.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that this particular country, a Hildain North Rhine-Westphalia, a country near the borders with the Netherlands and Belgium, has decided to tease electric drivers with a pool (image below) installed on Loading park Seed & Greet. In practice, a Supercharger (40 available) with Superpool, a tank 8 meters long, 2.5 wide and 1.35 deep, which can be accessed by demonstrating to staff that the car (not necessarily a Tesla) is loaded . In these days of tropical heat, even the maximum stay of 10 minutes in the water is a relief. The container/pool is open from Thursday to Sunday between 14.00 and 19.00 until 28 August.

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