Supplenze GaE and GPS 2022, what must be stated in the application for allocation to hospital, prison, evening schools and CPIA

Candidates interested in temporary positions from GaE and GPS on 30/06 and 31/08 can submit an application for participation until 16 August Synthetic preferences and types of hospitals, prisons, evenings, adult schools: what to indicate in the online application .


As mentioned, the aspirants who are part of the GaE and the GPS can present the next of kin application for temporary workersthrough Online instances, until 14.00 on 16 August 2022. With the same application, applicants covered by the first support group GPS participate in the assignment of tasks aimed at the role, in accordance with the provisions of Article 5-ter of Legislative Decree 228/2021 (transformed into Law no. the procedure referred to to in Article 59(4) of Legislative Decree 73/2021 (transformed into Law No. 106/2021) has been extended so that it is limited to support positions only.

The system first processes the requests for assignment of tasks aimed at employment with a permanent contract and then requests for the assignment of temporary workers (as of 31/08) until the end of the teaching activities (as of 30/06). .

Question sections

After accessing the application, select the province and its locations (the system displays all valid admissions in the ranking list and groups them by province), personal data and contact information are displayed (read in this connection here), the system presents the page with the sections to be filled:

To access each of the above sections, click on “Available Actions” and then “Login”; we point out that the available actions are: Edit; View; Sign in; Insert; Delete (of course the actions Edit, Delete, View they are used after already being logged in and filled in).

Preferences section

Let us assume that the single preference is composed of the following elements: Education; Headquarters (School / Municipality / District); Contract type: annual, until the end of the teaching activities, on an hourly basis; Chair type: external same municipality, external other joint; Type of place (only for kindergarten and primary school); Type of school. We have already talked about it in general in Supplenze GaE and GPS 2022, how to fill out the application: preferences, contract type and segments with completion. GUIDE TO PICTURES

Now let’s see what should be indicated in the section if the aspirant intends to get a substitute in the following school types: Hospital, Prison, Evening, Adult (ie CPIA). In this connection, it is necessary to distinguish between specific (school) and synthetic (municipalities/districts) preferences.

In the case of punctual preferencethe aspirant must search for and enter the specific type of school (Hospital, Prison, Evening, Adult), following the procedure illustrated in the aforementioned article.

If, on the other hand, a synthetic preference (municipality/district), with a view to assigning the replacement, it is not sufficient that the aforementioned types of school exist in the same (preference) (e.g. a municipality where the school that is home to a CPIA or a hospital ward is placed or prison), but it is necessary to express one’s will in order to be associated with the aforementioned schools. For this purpose, after entering the synthetic preference, a tick must be inserted in correspondence with it Hospital, prison, evening and/or adults (as shown in the following image):

If the aspirant does not enter the check, he will not be able to get the replacement at these types of schools, as we also read in the specific ministerial guidance: “The candidate will not compete for the nomination on the non-selected types”.

In the Focus, dedicated to preferences, it is further specified that “Even the hospital, prison, evening and adult schools are analyzed according to the ascending alphanumeric order of the mechanographic codes” (always in the case of synthetic preferences).

The advice

You can request advice on [email protected] (individual response not guaranteed, but discussion of general questions)

You can discuss on the forum for mutual help

You can follow the updates via the Institute’s rankings and Supplenze tag

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