School and sport, Tolentino Popolare: “Luconi’s demagoguery leaves us stunned”

TOLENTINO – The majority list corresponds to the opposition councilor after the vote on the programmatic lines of the Sclavi administration

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The mayor Mauro Sclavi with his

from Francesca Marsili

“We refer to the sender and with force, inaccuracies and tendentious phrases, pronounced by Luconi with no little demagoguery” reads the response of Tolentino Popolare to the intervention of minority councilor Silvia Luconi, who in the city council on Thursday evening motivated the vote against the programmatic lines for the Sclavi administration’s mandate 2022 -2027 (read the article). In fact, the former mayoral candidate, who now sits among the opposition benches, explained at the last meeting as leader of the Tolentino Nel Cuore group that she had voted against the projects to be implemented in the next five years “because we do it. not share their principles”. And Tolentino Popolare answers: “It does not seem strange to us that the programmatic lines of the mayor and the majority are diametrically opposed to those of the previous administration. We remind Luconi – the group continues – that we won the last election with almost 60% of the consent of the citizens of Tolentino, thanks to a program of change ».


Mauro Scalvi last night for the mayors’ evening at Sferisterio

Regarding the opposition councilor’s objection to the new administration’s approach to the world of sports, Tolentino Popolare, to which the councilor for sports Alessia Pupo belongs, responds: “we emphasize that the mayor and the councilor have collected the needs of all the sports associations of Tolentino and we moved quickly to participate in tenders (in some cases it has already drawn up council decisions) to obtain resources to be allocated to sports facilities, to rebuild the existing structures and to carry out the maintenance they need after years of carelessness.No one is against new works – they add – even large ones, as recently the possibility conveyed by the mayor of a 50-meter swimming pool, but we must act to improve and enhance the already existing heritage ».

GrThe majority group is also responding to the issue that most ignited the election campaign: schools. Luconi’s position, which led her to vote against, remains “new and safe schools.” That the majority should bring them back, where possible, to the historic center. “We are saddened to see how there are still those who try to create a climate of fear – they continue – Luconi’s demagogy leaves us stunned, considering that none of us, as also repeated in the city council by the mayor, ever thought of neglecting the safety of our boys. We are not throwing smoke in our eyes like the previous administration, but we are working on concrete and tangible facts and on certain technical data.”

As for the high schools, which since 2016 are located in the former offices of the Quadrilatero pending the construction of the campus in the Pace area, the new administration is taking steps to bring back 10 classrooms to the old premises after the security measures, a choice that Luconi defines “without any meaning, since another 15 remain in the current structure”. Tolentino Popolare replies: “The administration has the task of giving concrete answers to the children and their families, without creating false expectations like those set by Pezzanesi-Luconi, who had promised that the campus would be completed in 3 years (remember 6th year has passed and the project is not even contracted yet).The structure of the former Filelfo is currently uninhabitable – they explain – an in-depth assessment is being carried out with the assessment of a technician (the current AeDES- map is the result of a rapid study carried out in the days after the earthquake of October 30), verifying the possibility of works to make it seismically safe in one of its structural parts, as requested by the province ».

Tolentino Popolare also emphasizes that “bringing back 10 high school classes to the historic center does not create a gap and students in Serie A and Serie B as stated by the councillor, but the school bodies will be responsible for assessing which classes are brought back to the centre. Pending the completion of the school campus, as we request the process, we will try to provide adequate facilities for all the students of Tolentino ».

And finally the comment on budget balances and settlement; item on the agenda voted positively by Luconi because “points elaborated by the administration are clear”, where Tolentino Nel Cuore was the governing force, but criticized in relation to the council’s allowances. “It makes the vulgar indifference – they say from Tolentino Popolare – the increase of about 30 thousand euros in the budget item of the benefits of the mayor, the councilors and the prime minister, are increases provided by the central government to all administrations, which will be spread in 2022 to 2024, and which Luconi himself and the outgoing administration benefited from for the first half of 2022, and this increase includes, among other things, the outgoing mayor’s severance pay. We hope – they conclude – that as mentioned in the last city council by Luconi himself, Tolentino nel Cuore will actively cooperate with the new administration instead of making petty political propaganda ».


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