Primary supplements to English language 2022/23, who can complete the application

The procedure for the allocation of substitutes has now started, with the candidates included in the GaE and GPS having committed to submit the related applications for participation. English-speaking primary school places: employment rankings, required qualifications, online application pool and invitations from school rankings.

Replacement procedure 30/06 and 31/08

There procedure aimed at assigning substitutes on 30/06 and 31/08 by GaE and GPS è computer controlled and allows for the presentation of a particular requestthrough Online Instances, of the aspirants, from 9.00 on 2 August to 14.00 on 16 August 2022 (the same application is submitted by applicants who also participate in the extraordinary recruitment procedure from GPS first grant bracket, and who for this purpose complete the relevant section in the aforementioned application).

In the application, the aspirants included in GaE and GPS indicate and select:

  • competition class/type of venue;
  • placement preferences (schools, municipalities, districts), up to 150 for all courses for which they are included in the ranking);
  • contract type: per 30/06 or 31/08;
  • if they intend to compete equally or only for hourly segments, possibly obtain the allowance if expressly requested.

Supplement for English-language primary school

There circular on temporary workers as 2022/23 gives concrete indications regarding the allocation of substitutes for English-language places in the primary school.


The assignment of the aforementioned substitutes is foreseen in the event that, after covering the staff at the common places, there are hours of English language remaining, as it has not been possible to assign them to the responsible and/or in-service teachers in the school.


The allocation of any compensation is done by deducting from the following rankings (in order):

  1. placements until exhaustion; alternatively (therefore in case of exhaustion or inability to GaE)
  2. provincial locations of replacements (GPS); in a subordinate position
  3. school locations


Candidates must, in order to obtain substitutes for places/hours in English, meet the requirements in article 13, paragraph 17, in OM 112/2022. Therefore, the aforementioned substitutes can be attributed according to the position occupied in the ranking (as mentioned, first the candidates for GaE are called, instead of GPS and GIs):

  • applicants who, in the competitions for examinations and qualifications for admission to teaching in primary school, have been admitted to the merit ranking and have passed the optional test to ascertain their knowledge of the English language;
  • to applicants who have passed the same test in the reserved examination courses to gain access to teaching in primary school;
  • for applicants with the degree of SFP in relation to the foreign language exams stipulated in the study plan;
  • to applicants who are included in the relevant primary school ranking, who possess the qualifications mentioned in points B.2 and B.6 in tables A/1 and A/2 (B2: Bachelor’s degree, specialist’s degree or master’s degree constituting entry qualification for competitive classes A-24 and A-25 for the English language; B6: Bachelor’s degree in degree classes L-11 and L-12, provided that the study plan has included 24 credits in the natural science subject sectors L-LIN 01 or L-LIN 02 and 36 points in the natural science subject sectors L-LIN 11 or L-LIN 12);
  • applicants included in the ranking list for general competitions based on qualifications and examinations for primary school, announced in 2012 and 2016; to applicants included in the ranking list in the ordinary competition for qualifications and examinations for the primary school, announced by DD n. 498 of 2020, limited to those who have reached the threshold for eligibility to teach English;
  • to applicants included in the ranking list for the primary school in the extraordinary competition announced with DDG n. 1546 of 7 November 2018, who have obtained the relative eligibility for support according to article 8, paragraph 4, second and third periods, in ministerial decree of 17 October 2018.

GaE and GPS teachers: what to enter in the online application

If interested, applicants included in GaE and GPS indicate in the aforementioned online application that they hold the qualification to teach the English language (one of those listed above). Below is the specific section of the application where you must write the subject of interest “English language“And enter the details in the title:

Calls from school ranking

With regard to the possible call from the school ranking list, it is specified in the circular on substitutes that:

… when calling from the primary school rankings for the purpose of allocating places in English, it will be specified that the candidate is called for the English language and therefore must possess one of the qualifications specified in clause 17 Section 13 of the executive order.

Therefore, in connection with the call, the schools must specify that it is an English-speaking substitute teaching position and that the aspirant must possess the necessary qualifications. Learn English supply of GI

The advice

You can request advice on [email protected] (individual response not guaranteed, but discussion of general questions)

You can discuss on the forum for mutual help

You can follow the updates via the Institute’s rankings and Supplenze tag

During question time

From Monday 1 August to Friday 12 August a daily appointment with QUESTION TIME Di Orizzonte Scuola. Together with Andrea Carlino and Fabrizio De Angelis, the national trade unionists will answer readers’ questions and indicate how to complete the application.

GPS replacement how to make the 150 preferences: all QUESTION TIME offers [VIDEO]

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