New contractual agreement for Curti. The unions are satisfied

A solid second-level negotiation agreement has been signed Curti Costruzioni Meccaniche SpA of Castel Bolognese, head of the industrial group, which today has more than 600 people active since 1955 and specializes in the manufacture of automatic machines for the processing of electrical cables, for packaging, both food and pharmaceutical products, but also for aerospace and aviation components and energy recovery plants from waste materials .

Therefore, the tradition that in this company sees Pownership, business management, RSU, Fiom-Cgil, Fim-Cisl, Uilm-Uil territorial, with the assistance of Confindustria Romagna, you accept the signing of an improvement agreement on various contractual institutions.

Curti: new measures on work-life balance, training and travel, work groups, nutrition and environmental impact

In particular, they are noted new initiatives and confirmationswhich pertains not only to the sphere which concerns the good balance between work and personal lifebut also other strategic issues such as educationthat business tripsi.e Working groupsthat Proper nutrition and reduction of environmental impact. Specifically, they range from better conditions for the use of parental leave to the use of a nutritionist to improve the quality of food, not only during lunch breaks, but also during the day (food in vending machines), transitioning to increase in subjectivity. training by installing charging stations for electric cars: always respecting the environment, an agreement that rewards sustainable mobility was also confirmed and improved with the aim of reducing cars in circulation.

Language teachers and scholarships for employees’ children

Regarding the subject of training, the company will provide language teachers for employees who are interested in improving their knowledge level. That scholarships for both employees and their deserving children and those attending colleges and universities. In order to improve the efficiency, productivity and competitiveness of the company, together with the working conditions, the parties have confirmed the continuation of different working groups that can be formed according to the different needs, respecting the mutual roles and powers, in accordance with the law and the national contract.

The values ​​of the travel allowances and the travel bonus have been increased.

The introduction of the performance bonus built on indices such as productivity, coverage and closing times for deviations, turnover and profitability is confirmed; these are incremental and alternative indices, characteristics that allow a 10% subsidized taxation. An additional experimental index called Time Allocated has been added, which aims to determine the efficiency loss during processing as best as possible. The ceiling for the performance bonus was set at €2,450 for 2024. Finally, the possibility to convert all or part of the performance bonus into Welfare through a dedicated platform has also been confirmed.

The unions’ satisfaction: “An agreement that improves conditions in the company”

The unions Fiom-Cgil and Fim-Cisl and the company’s union representatives, after the meetings with the workers and the positive outcome of the consultation, signed this agreement with the company, giving continuity to a consolidated relationship of profitable union relations. “It is an agreement that, in addition to providing an important financial answer with the improvement of the bonus indices for all employees and coverage for those who leave, improves the conditions in the company with additional permits for family management, ongoing training and participation of people in improving work organization ; in addition, through the revival of carpooling, an attempt was made to provide an answer to the environmental problem by actively contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions to the environment as part of a more sustainable mobility”.

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