in Carpi, companies, schools and related institutions for the training of specific technical figures

Returning to put knitting at the center, right from the school desks: this is the goal of the new project which, promoted by Carpi Fashion System, aims to unite the world of business and higher education by focusing on the specific production of the territory in the fashion area and thus accepted the companies’ desire to be able to select specific technical figures, the lack of which they increasingly complained about.

The future of the Carpi textile-clothing district is therefore also built from the formation of appropriate figures for the sector, starting from the school: for this purpose, a cooperation between IPSIA Vallauri, Carpi Fashion System And local businesses to launch, from September 2022, a pilot course dedicated to knitting and intended for fifth graders.

An important news, both from a concrete and symbolic point of view: in fact, in Vallauri we are starting to talk about knitting again, as it happened in the years of the formation of the District, where the professional institute was born precisely to train the necessary technicians.

A project that follows the companies’ wisheswho are increasingly complaining about the lack of technicians in the sector: requests Carpi Fashion System to take action.

The course of 100 hours in total (spread over 25 hours per week) dedicated to knitting, from the yarn to the processing of the fabric/garment on the machinewill be activated from the beginning of the next school year and, created by ForModena, will involve two fifth grades, in total for about forty students.

The CFS table, in a comparison with colleges that have addresses related to art, fashion and information technology, in relation to the “analysis of cooperation opportunities in 3D for fashion and orientation”, which was held on May 17, revealed the need for a knitting workshop from Vallauris.

The training course will have a decidedly operational feel, where the students will be involved in a knitting workshop, which will include a theoretical part, however carried out through free training provided by some companies in the area, which will provide their professionals, and a practice, using the machinery in ForModena laboratory.

The initiative also represents a virtuous example of cooperation between institutions and business: considering that the Carpi Fashion System grant covers 60 hours of training, the participating companies will be responsible for covering the costs of the missing hours to reach the total number of hours. out of 100..

Several companies have already joined, but the initiators hope that others will join the project.

To report the availability of your business, contact the teachers referring to the project of the Vallauri Institute, i.e Diana Dimiddio ( And Lara Wells (

This is the promoters’ comment: “We believe that this pilot course represents a significant innovation, a first, important step to put the theme of knitwear back at the center of a supply chain that must not only deal with production, but also training. Carpi Fashion System always listens to the needs of the entrepreneurial structure, and this initiative is an example, because it was created precisely to respond to the lack, which in recent years is increasingly reported by companies, of specific technical figures linked to the design and production process of knit. , which has always represented the specialization of the district and which it is right that we return to focus on, starting with the theme of training ”.

Carpi Fashion System is the project for the improvement of businesses in the fashion district to which CNA, LAPAM-Confarartigianato, Confindustria Emilia, Modena Chamber of Commerce, CR Carpi Foundation and Carpi Municipality, Democenter-SIPE Foundation and ForModena belong. .

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