fear of gps, but there may be good news for the teachers

The next few weeks will be crucial for those who intend to work in the school world, especially for teachers and aspiring teachers.

From 2 to 16 August it will be possible to send 150 preferences for any substitutes for the school year starting shortly.

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The Ministry of Education had last Friday, July 29, through a circular, foreseen the dates and procedures for the presentation of the 150 preferences to access the procedures for the allocation of substitutes to the school. Then the official status of what was declared by the Ministry came through notice published on 1 August 2022.

Each aspiring teacher has the opportunity to enter up to 150 preferences in the province where he is included in the ranking list. The wish to be presented in the coming days concerns the choice of schools, which may punctual (i.e. referred to the individual school) or synthetic (i.e. in relation to the district and the municipality).

These 150 preferences are used to assign the substitute at a school, until 30 June or 31 August 2023.

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School: how to submit preferences

From 9 am on 2 August to 2 pm on 16 Augustthe specific reserved area on the platform will be active Online instances. Interested parties must submit the application only electronicallyas prescribed by Legislative Decree n. 82 of 7 March 2005.

To complete the request, you must have the Public Digital Identity System (SPID) or Electronic Identity Card (CIE) credentials; in addition, authorization for the Online Instances service (POLIS) is also required.

The request is accessed via a direct link on the website’s homepage Online instances. In case the question is not presented, there will be automatic and tacit waiver participation in the procedure. Failure to specify some locations, on the other hand, is valid as a waiver for non-express locations.

Anief: a news item for the school staff

L’Nope (L’The National Association of Teachers and Coaches) announced that the ministry has given the opportunity for permanent school staff to participate in both procedures that is, those for the role of the first band GPS Support and replacements.

To establish that is articles 36 and 59 of the CCNL 2006-09, for teachers and ATA staff. Instead of forced auction upon presentation of the application to those appearing in first gps band, for joint and curriculum positions.

School: the struggle to be placed in the role

A qualified teacher inducted into the first bracket with the places available for entry into the role as there are no longer merit and GaE ranking colleagues for their competitive grade in the specific province because they are not eligible to be employed in state roles?“. Anief underlined with his own note a critical issue which unfortunately worries many workers in the school sector.

For this reason, the association has foreseen that it will start one appeal to the court. He therefore encourages all teachers who are in the first GPS bracket in the common or curriculum place to accept the advance accession to the appeal. This appeal will be submitted to the Lazio TAR and will be aimed at obtainingentry into the role from the first gps band.

Anief also bases himself on the fact that EU Court of Justicesince 2014, has repeatedly reiterated the need to automatically place primary school staff in the role.

For greater protection of ATA teachers and staff, the union has made its local offices available, from which it is possible to request specific advice on submitting applications. Finally, he drew a model to present complaintin case of incorrect score recorded in the GPS.

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