Fear in Catanzaro of a fire. The flames are licking the houses

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The fire hit the southern area of ​​the city. The massive use of men and funds has brought down the alarm

Published on: 08/06/2022 – 15:54

CATANZARO A large fire hit Catanzaro and also threatened several houses. The fire would have developed in the morning in Via Izzi de Falenta, south of Catanzaro. The flames due to the wind would then spread quickly and end up licking some houses in the area.
To try to contain the fire, several firefighters from the Catanzaro command took action. In particular, 2 forest fire teams, 1 head office team, Sellia Marina relief team and a water supply tanker for a total of 8 vehicles and 25 fire brigade units.
On the scene to coordinate the rescue operations and the regional aircraft the director of extinguishing operations.

One of the Canadians in action in Catanzaro

At the site to support the fire service also a team from Calabria Verde, while two Canadair and a helicopter have recently been operating at the site to contribute to the extinguishing operations. Several requests were received at operating room 115 in Catanzaro, although there are currently no injuries. Finally, the fire was contained to around 2 p.m., and the alarm situation returned. To contain the flames, two canaidair CAN14 and CAN31 and a regional helicopter also went into action. The massive intervention of the firefighters helped to defend the numerous houses against the flames.


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