Ecobonus auto, new incentives from MISE for non-polluting vehicles

Ecobonus auto, new incentives for the purchase of non-polluting vehicles: up to 7,500 euros with scrapping for electric cars in the 0-20 g/km CO2 range, in case of incomes up to 30,000 euros. 6,000 euros for electric cars 21-60 g/km CO2. MISE announces the publication of two dpcm.

Ecobonus car, new incentives come from the Ministry of Economic Development for non-polluting cars.

Making it known is the same PUT through the news published on August 5, 2022.

According to what was explained on the official website, they have been published two new dpcm intervenes in the automotive industry.

For the current year it would come the contribution limit has been raised by 50 per cent provided the purchase of non-polluting vehicles (electric and hybrid cars) in case the buyer has one income of less than 30 thousand euros.

The maximum contribution for the purchase of electric cars would be led to 7,500 eurosin the case of scrapping.

Ecobonus auto, new incentives from MISE for non-polluting cars

News on the subject of eco-bonus cars: new incentives are coming.

That PUT with the news published on the institution portal on 5 August 2022.

The new concessions concern would be provided by two new dpcm.

The first intervenes in the acquisition of non-polluting carsreshaping the incentives already provided.

For the year 2022, the incentives for buyers with a income of less than 30 thousand euros.

The maximum contribution for the purchase of new vehicles in category M1homologated in a class of no less than Euro 6 and falls within the emission range 0-20 g/km CO2, would be 7,500 euros with scrapping. Without scrapping, the incentive would fall 6,000 euros.

The vehicles must have an official list price from the car manufacturer equal to or lower than 35,000 euros including VAT.

When buying new cars that fall under category M1 with carbon dioxide emissions between 21 and 60 g/kmwould be the maximum incentive 6,000 euros for scrapping. Limit to 4,500instead, without scrapping.

In this case, the maximum list price must be equal to or less than 45,000 euros including VAT.

The service is only provided to one person per household. That legal entities that rent carsas long as they retain ownership of the vehicle for one year.

In this connection, the Minister of Ecological Development Giancarlo Giorgetti stated the following:

“With this measure, we will increase the spread of low-emission vehicles and continue to support Italian industrial production according to the plan I had in mind at the beginning of my mandate.”

The news is added refinancing for the purchase of electric scooters, made possible by the redistribution of available resources.

Ecobonus auto, new incentives from MISE for non-polluting cars

In addition to the intervention regarding the purchase of non-polluting cars, a further intervention is envisaged regarding the allocation of the remaining resources from Automotive Fund, to promote settlement, conversion and reconstruction towards innovative and sustainable forms of production, the green transition, research and investments.

Especially they would be fated 50 million euros for 2022 and 350 million euros for each of the years from 2023 to 2030, 70 percent for development contracts and the remaining 30 percent for innovation agreements.

A contribution to the purchase of standard electricity infrastructures for charging of electric vehicles.

This contribution will cover80 percent of the purchase price and installation. The maximum limit for the subsidy will have the following limits:

  • 1,500 euros for single applicant;
  • 8,000 for interventions on the common parts of the condominium buildings.

Overall, the resources available would be 40 million euros and part of car funds.

To this second line of speech Minister Giorgetti commented:

“This is an excellent result that is finally coming because it goes towards developing tools for the transformation of the sector in light of the goals envisaged with the ecological transition.”

Expect the text of the decreeswhich will be published in Lovtidende.

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