Campania, twenty thousand precarious teachers in the balance. “Ranks in chaos, school in danger”

DinnerAugust 6, 2022 – 07:41

The condemnation of Uil and CGIL: “Let the prefect intervene, unrest is feared”

from Angelo Agrippa

Roberta Vannini regional secretary of Uil Scuola

We are already starting on the wrong foot, with twenty thousand precarious teachers who in Campania have already applied to be assigned the task for the next school year, but with many of them standing with positions and titles that are not recognized because of the cumbersome procedures. They therefore fully feel the risk of being overtaken in the ranking by those who possess fewer props, with the final consequence that even those appointed will be recalled on subsequent inspection. And so the complaints are already starting to pour in and appeals to the TAR are threatened.

The unions’ alarm

This time we really risk social unrest – explains Roberta Vannini, secretary of Uil Scuola Rua della Campania -. The start of teaching activities is planned for mid-September, but in Campania we register the concern of many precarious teachers who have not obtained recognized cultural and service qualifications, while others who, on the contrary, find themselves with inflated scores and still others excluded from all from the ranking list. All this generates anxiety and worry, and this situation can turn into anger and lead to strong disputes. The mistakes – adds Vannini – are many, the temps involved are thousands. This computer system has had the ability to turn a simple question into a real obstacle course. Uil Scuola della Campania expects simplification and transparency. For this reason, we have asked the prefect of Naples to interpret this inconvenience to allow more relaxed times to allow the administration to investigate hundreds and hundreds of complaints and avoid the strong disagreement of those who will be illegally denied their position as work “.

The same cry of alarm comes from CGIL. “This year, too, for those unsure of the school, it will be an odyssey – says the general secretary of Flc Cgil Campania, Ottavio De Luca -. It was not possible to make a careful assessment of all the questions, therefore, in order to close in time, a ‘massive validation’. This implies that the Gps, the provincial rankings for substitutes, are full of errors, and so there is a sword of Damocles hanging over employment, both permanent and temporary. Also, as mentioned, the schools will have to do the checks at the time of employment, and mistakes can occur that invalidate appointments with the relative need for replacement. “In the meantime, De Luca clarifies, the teacher who could have taken the appointment in that place may have been appointed elsewhere. But there will also be teachers who will not be appointed and could have been, because of mistakes that the administration will not correct and will require the intervention of the TAR, with its timing, to resolve the situation. In short, this also determines a increase in lawsuits. Instead of simplifying operations – continues the secretary FLC Cgil Campania – the situation is becoming more and more chaotic, with serious injuries to teachers and the start of the school year”. For the Uil secretary, “not being confirmed the position after several years of teaching due to a cumbersome procedure, which does not guarantee the right to a correct placement in the ranking, determines an explosive situation: the ministry has not listened for years – complaint – and does not compare. The same regional and territorial school offices are victims of this system and of the very limited ».

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August 6, 2022 | 07:41


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