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SAN DIEGO, Aug. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Summer is almost over, and this year, too, the time has come for students to devote themselves to shopping for school supplies. As the price of iPads drops and becomes more affordable, many students decide to replace laptops with tablets. Luckily for students (and parents’ wallets), elago offers an incredible selection of discounted back-to-school items, especially must-have iPad accessories!

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For those unfamiliar, elago is an established company that has been operating in San Diego (California) since 2002. As a design company, elago creates objects that are both useful and beautiful. Its designers develop products that they themselves would love to use. This way, they can be sure that the customers will also fall in love with it.

First of all, let’s talk about the case that turns your Apple Pencil into a No. 2 wooden pencil; is the best-selling Apple Penalhus in the world. The case is produced in two versions, one for each generation of Apple Pencil. Both versions are made from non-recycled silicone to ensure maximum product life. Silicone is an extraordinary material that guarantees excellent grip and protects your stylus from scratches and falls; perfect for everyday use! The shape of the case is reminiscent of classic wooden pencils and makes this product ergonomic and also ideal for long-term use. Charging the pen is not a problem, but one must be careful when installing the case for the second generation line; detailed installation instructions can be found online. Various colors and collaboration models are already available for the second-generation line, while new colors will soon be added to the first-generation line. Add a touch of nostalgia and make working with your Apple Pencil even more fun.

First generation Apple Pencil

Second generation Apple Pencil

Looking for a Smart Folio cover? elago has the right one for you. The cover is specially designed for your iPad, with all the same functions as the Apple iPad cover, but at a much lower price. Thanks to the magnets, the cover is attached to the iPad and stays in place during daily use. Just fold part of the cover behind the iPad for functional support! The elago Smart Folio cover is available for almost all iPad models, in different sizes. Make a smart choice and save money so you can buy more school supplies!

Smart Folio Cover for

The tablets are getting thinner and thinner and it is important to protect them in any way. elago’s tablet case is the perfect accessory for your iPad. Made with three layers of different material, the cover is waterproof, thanks to the outer nylon layer, ideal to withstand atmospheric substances and any accidents. The core layer is made from recycled polyester fiber, which provides the impact protection essential for everyday use. The case has a spacious front pocket where you can store most of the accessories you use for your tablet or anything else you may need when you’re on the go. It is produced in stone or dark gray colours, which go perfectly with the other colors in your wardrobe, or with rucksacks, tablets etc.

Tablet case for is first and foremost a design company. Its motto is “simple sophistication” because we create useful and beautiful products. All the projects he realizes are created exclusively on site, so that the finished products are processed in detail and work perfectly. elago started its business in San Diego, California in 2002 and has been awarded several international design awards, including Spark and Red Dot.


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