The case of the expert teacher at the school, with 400 euros more per month

With the aid decree bis approved yesterday by the Council of Ministers of the Draghi government, still in the post of current affairs, the figure of the “expert teacher” is introduced in the school, who will earn 5,650 euros a year more in the form of an “annual check. ad personam”, or more than 400 euros more per month than the other teachers. A news that the unions do not like: on the other hand, it is known that teachers do not earn much (Italians are among the lowest paid in Europe) and the fact that the government has created the figure of the expert teacher who will earn more respect others have raised more than one confusion.

The new academic figure will in any case be born starting from the school year 2023/2024, but the overall results of the reform will not be visible until ten years from now, the experts believe. But how does it work and what are the requirements? The “expert” professors – which cannot be more than eight thousand – will be selected from among tenured teachers who “have obtained a positive evaluation by passing three consecutive and non-overlapping training courses”. According to the provision that will be considered by the Folketing from mid-September, the “expert teacher” will not change tasks and functions and will have only one limitation: to remain in the same school for at least three years.

Unions against the expert teacher at the school

However, the news does not appeal to the unions who are asking for increases for all staff or for a million school workers. “It is an established fact that the average salaries of Italian teachers are too low, both compared to their European counterparts and compared to other public servants with the same degree. It is intolerable that politics continue in this area. pretending that there is not something has happened”, declared Francesco Sinopoli (Flc Cgil), Ivana Barbacci (Cisl School), Giuseppe D’Aprile (Uil School), Rino Di Meglio (Gilda) and Elvira Serafini (Snals). “The school – the unions are protesting – now deserves attention. We need an organic initiative, to think about the school of the coming years today. We need investment in people to guarantee a better future for this country that passes precisely through the school “.

For this reason, for September 8, the unions have invited all political parties to a confrontation with them in the school area, “but in the meantime we want an immediate answer, extracted from the determination of the measures regarding the school, which must be brought back to contractual relations. , and identify the resources to conclude the ongoing negotiation of the contract for one million workers”.

And the school leaders of the Anp (national association of principals) also say they are worried: “The resources allocated to the school system fall into the indifference of everyone – said the national president Antonello Giannelli -. The school, on the other hand, must be the priority because it is our future. We have said this for some time and we repeat it today: it is necessary to think of a new school with methodological and evaluative models revised in depth and with a real personalization of the paths “. “We need a change of pace – Giannelli added – to guarantee equal opportunity and educational success for all students. Only in this way can we think about providing answers to the educational needs of the children who crowd our schools and prepare them for the needs of the world, work and university”.

The Anief union (national association of teachers and trainers) is also very critical and speaks of a “coup by the Draghi government”. “After the resignation of the Prime Minister and the dissolution of the Chambers – explained the President Marcello Pacifico – he should have carried out only the so-called current affairs, instead he goes largely beyond his powers and with the aid decree he is preparing to bring important changes to the PNRR, issue a norm introducing a new teacher, the senior teacher”.

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