ready for the bell? Discounts start

Waiting for the first bell to ring, even onschool year 2022-2023 the numerous have been confirmed school bonuses provided by Regions, Municipalities and beyond. There are many savings options for families, students and all those suffering from financial difficulties.

Better known as school book bonuses, school bonuses for students and families allow you to serve gods variable financial contributions, from 300 to 2,000 euros each, useful for buying school supplies, textbooks, sometimes even computer devices.

But let’s go into details and try to understand what are the active offers in the Regions and Municipalities: who can request e.g school bonus 2022-2023 and what are the deadlines for submitting the application?

New 2022-2023 school bonuses for students: all active calls

Although there are still several weeks until the start of school – to the delight of the children – several Italian regions have already published the calls access to school bonuses 2022-2023. In some areas of Italy the tenders have already expired (eg in Veneto, Piedmont, Lazio and Puglia); while other local administrations have not yet released the details.

At the moment we can list all active calls to request i school bonus 2022-2023 to the regions:

Families interested in a discount on the purchase of school books and teaching materials can check that you meet the requirements and send your application at the end of the deadlines set for each regional call. Alternatively, Amazon’s Back to School also allows you to save on school purchases.

2022-2023 school bonus for students: discounts from 300 to 2,000 euros in Lombardy

Let’s start with one of them school bonus 2022-2023 for the long-awaited students, namely the Regional School dowry call Lombardy. As every year, the regional administration has confirmed support for families in financial difficulties with dependent children of school age (not older than 21 years) and with a income that does not exceed 40,000 euros.

Vouchers can be obtained thanks to the school bonus from a minimum of 300 euros up to a maximum of 2,000 euros must be used for the purchase of teaching materials, books or to cover the costs of enrollment at the school (located within the regional boundaries).

Each voucher has a variable value based on the ISEE and the school it belongs to: primary, first or second grade secondary. There deadline for use is set at 23 June 2023.

2022-2023 school bonus for students and free books in Trentino Alto Adige

The school bonus 2022-2023 for students from Trentino Alto Adige allows families who are in financial difficulty to enjoy free delivery of textbooks for some classes.

For example, the facility allows children attending elementary school, elementary school and the first two classes of upper secondary school to get free textbooks from the school. To obtain them, the relevant application must be submitted, accompanied by an ISEE.

2022-2023 school bonus for students in Emilia Romagna

Starting from 5 September 2022 you can request school bonus 2022-2023 for students provided byEmilia Romagna, with associated scholarships for merit and income. However, applicants must not be 24 years of age.

It is important to emphasize that there are two income limits:

  • Band 1 – ISEE lower than € 10,632.94;
  • Band 2 – ISEE of less than € 15,748.78.

To request the 2022-2023 school and book bonuses, SPID credentials are required: the amounts will be defined later, based on the number of applications collected.

2022-2023 school bonus for students in Calabria

IN Calabria the allocation of the school bonus 2022-2023 and the student book certificate is administered directly by the individual municipalities: therefore it is useful consult the websites of the territorial authorities for information on requirements, amounts and times for submitting applications,

2022-2023 school bonus for students in Campania

Finally also in Campania there is one school bonus 2022-2023 administered by the individual municipalities: let’s see what the ISEE requirements and limits are.

According to the provisions of the regional decision, families with children attending 1st or 2nd grade secondary schools can apply for a school bonus, provided they have a Do the ISEE.

In this case too, the income limits are two:

  • Band 1 – ISEE less than 10,633 euros;
  • Band 2 – ISEE less than 13,300 euros.

The application must be submitted directly to the municipality of residence, and thepayment it must happen no later than 15 October 2022.

2022-2023 school bonus in the supermarket: where to get a discount

Not everyone knows that, in addition to regional or municipal calls, there are also just as many savings options. In some supermarkets you can have gods school bonus 2022-2023 for purchasing educational materials or even textbooks: where?

The chain Conadfor example, delivers a 10 euro school voucher for every expenditure of at least 10 euros in the store: this means that vouchers for the purchase of school supplies can be obtained when purchasing food. The “2022 School Catalogue” initiative is valid until 30 September 2022.

Also from Conad, the booking of textbooks for secondary schools let’s get one 15% discount on the final price.

Also long S distributes 5 euro school bonus for families who buy at least 15 euro in expenses: these coupons can be used in store to purchase stationery and more, until 28 August 2022.

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