Election 2022, centre-right programme: from the Bridge over the Sound to the direct election of the head of state. But there is no school

The centre-right program is taking shape in light of the political elections. The main points are: stop of citizenship income, green light for the latest generation of nuclear power plants and the direct election of the President of the Republic, further with the construction of the bridge over the Strait of Messina and respect for Italy’s traditional international position.

There is a big absence, at least for now: the school. The final text will be drawn up next Tuesday.

In detail, in the text seen by AdnKronos in its latest version titled ‘Framework program for a centre-right government’ that “Respect for international alliances and the strengthening of Italy’s diplomatic role in the geopolitical context; Respect for the commitments entered into in the Atlantic Alliance, including with regard to the adjustment of defense appropriations, support to Ukraine in light of the invasion of the Russian Federation and support for any diplomatic initiative aimed at resolving the conflict. Full commitment to the European integration process with the prospect of a more political and less bureaucratic EU”.

New plan to fight the pandemic in the preliminary draft of the government’s centre-right programme. In fact, point seven (Health Protection) is stipulated “The fight against the Covid-19 pandemic through the promotion of virtuous behavior and structural adjustments – such as controlled mechanical ventilation and the improvement of transport – without compression of individual liberties according to the principle of persuasion not coercion”.

The alliance aims to “New security decrees, adaptation of police and fire service personnel and equipment and the effective cooperation of these with the local police and armed forces, to allow a capillary control of the territory, implementation of security in the cities”.

There is talk again of “Safe Streets Operation and neighborhood policeman, and video surveillance”. It is still: “In contrast to the baby gang phenomenon. Fighting Petty Crime, Strengthening Cyber ​​Security Measures, Fighting Degradation. Reconstruction of the neighborhoods, buildings, stations, streets where more or less organized groups regularly consume illegal activities: these places must be returned to the citizens and made safe. Urgent and urgent actions to combat the growing phenomenon of violence against women. Fight mafias, terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism. Strong contrast to the trade and spread of drugs”.

It is still: “Use of energy production through the creation of state-of-the-art facilities, including clean and safe nuclear power, without preconceived vetoes”.

Then we add: “Replacing the current citizenship income with more effective social inclusion measures and active policies for training and integration into the world of work”

So room for reform: “Direct election of the President of the Republic” and “full implementation of the Law on Fiscal Federalism and the Capital of Rome” and also “implement the path already taken for the recognition of autonomies under Article 116, paragraph 3 of the Constitution, which guarantees all compensation mechanisms”.

Point 2 of the draft programme, drawn up by the centre-right, talks about “Effective use of European resources”, starting with “Full use of PNRR resources bridging the current implementation delays”. It is still: “Agreement with the European Commission, as required by European rules, on the revision of the PNRR according to the changed conditions, needs and priorities”.

It also asks for “Ensure the full implementation of the measures envisaged for Southern Italy and disadvantaged areas; Make Italy competitive with other European countries through the modernization of the infrastructure network and the construction of major works (upgrading the high-speed network and the bridge across the strait), against the philosophy of ” no” “. Also room for “Ultra Broadband throughout Italy”.

Finally “no to declared or masked assets”, “Via microtaxes” and the request for “Fiscal peace and balance and extract: agreement between citizens and tax authorities to resolve the previous”.

As you can see, at least based on what we read in news agencies and websites, education is lacking. Simple forgetfulness? Supervision or what else? We await developments and clarifications on this.

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