Asti, the new De Benedetti school is taking shape: opening in mid-October

In June 2021, a cold shower fell on families waiting to take their children to the new De Benedetti preschool in via Cecchin. In fact, a large construction site had been opened for the complete renovation of the building and for the construction of a new body to be used as a canteen. The hypothesis was to reopen the new school in September, but one of the two companies that had won the contract, in particular the one that should have rebuilt the old building, asked the municipality to terminate the contract because it would no longer be able to complete the work according to the specifications and according to the tender conditions. News that left the administrators banned, but above all, the children’s families were enrolled in the school complex.

Now, more than a year later, there is a sense of confidence among the experts. We visited the De Benedetti site with the mayor Maurizio Rasero and his deputy and councilor for public works, Stefania Morra. The construction site was handed over to the company “Ing. Roberto Cannella ”, based in Asti, aware of having a goal at hand: to close the works in mid-October, but hopefully a little earlier, to finally allow all children to return to school.

«On this side there were two loans: – recalls Commissioner Morra – the first was to build the canteen, the work of which has already been completed, then another loan was to renovate the existing building. The previous company had started to do the work, for example the structural reinforcement, but due to various problems it went away. There was a withdrawal from the contract, we redesigned all the works to be carried out (a project prepared in-house by the Russian land surveyor and the municipal offices ed) and the company that won the tender started in fourth place ».

Children will soon be able to access a modern and efficient school, but also much safer. The new De Benedetti has been structurally reinforced with anti-seismic measures (a special certificate will be issued), will have underfloor heating, will be fully insulated, equipped with new electrical systems, solar panels, new windows, bright rooms and ceramic bathrooms. even more welcoming than before. The canteen, connected directly to the main building, is built with respect for energy and also acoustic efficiency, like the rest of the building. The canteen today retains some of the material that will later be used in the new school. «The canteen area cost 500,000 euros as a new construction – adds Morra – and is about 200 square meters in size, while the rest of the building extends over 800 square meters. The total Cuban project for 800 thousand euros. The canteen will have its own kitchen and premises available to the employees. Once opened, the school will host 6 departments for a total of 150 children.

“As you can see, the investments we are making to make the schools safer, more efficient and modern – adds Mayor Rasero – I actually remember that since our establishment 5 years ago we have rebuilt Baussano, although in this case is the case. the funding is inherited from our predecessors, but we managed the work and the transfer of students elsewhere. Then we rebuilt the Buonarroti, the new Jona, which is almost finished, and we are renovating the Lina Borgo. We also have made interventions in other schools, as in the case of Cagni, where energy efficiency was delivered for 170 thousand euros. And again at Cavour, at San Domenico Savio, Dante, at the Oberdan di Portacomaro station and in part of Baracca “. These days planning for the expansion of the Laiolo school is underway and new tenders for various interventions are planned to make additional schools safe.

“We have obtained these funds through PNRR or through tenders – conclude Rasero and Morra – Never as in recent years have so many jobs been carried out in city schools”.

[foto servizio Billi]

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