ANCODIS: the expert teacher in the school of 2032? He already works in the autonomous school today

ANCODIS press release – In paragraph 16 of art. 21 of Act 59/97, it says “In accordance with the principle of teaching freedom and in connection with the identification of new professional persons among the teaching staff, without this affecting the unique nature of the function, school leaders are assigned the qualifications manager. ….”.

We will therefore have to wait 35 years to get the first new professional figure: the expert teacher which represents the place of arrival for the educational course according to the latest law 76/22.

In fact, those who freely decide to participate in the training course and after 9 years complete it with a positive evaluation will be able to assume the new status of expert teacher (but only 8000 per school year, absolutely FEW!) with the right to an annual supplement of 5,650 euros, which in any case is added to the salary corresponding to the salary range.

We got it right: from the 2032-2033 school year! Better late than anyone would ever say…

We cannot fail to recognize that available choice of a teacher to participate in the educational path MUST lead, as it is right for achieving an academic goal.

That we don’t like it at all have not foreseen what will happen to the school during these 10 years, and it is, according to Ancodis, NOTHING! And this “distraction” remains the unresolved criticality.

From the approval of art. 21 paragraph 16 – for these long 25 years! – nothing was done about the cross-vetos of politics and trade unions.

The teaching staff will for the foreseeable future continue to work in the school under the current contractual conditions with a flat career which recognizes nothing for those who commit to work well themselves achieving greater workloads, with longer stays in the service of their community, scholastic and with acquired specific training.

Let’s break the news: We already have expert teachers in the field every day!

With this certainly innovative proposal – however you think it is – the government has set out what will happen in a decade, but forgets what is needed for today’s school and the next few years. It actually remains one time gap without suggestions and solutions, which we Ancodis collaborators and system figures do not like at all.

Now is the time for sensible and non-ideological choices, where it is necessary to DARE courageously for the school of the future and for the next decades.

While we appreciate the attempt to open up a new career path (those who will live will see, say the skeptics and the careerists), we believe that TODAY is the time to activate it, recognizing that great work we have done. in recent years, as we do and as we will continue to do in our school communities.

The issue of improvement and a real career must be addressed already TODAY; it is not possible to wait 10 years!

The provision of middle school management must be established TODAY; it is not possible to sow the first seed in 2032!

THE WORK of those who today engage in various capacities in the autonomous school must be recognized TODAY; it is not possible to sign a CCNL that is already old in vision and content!

The principle of a flat career must be questioned TODAY, as it is the prerequisite for making the teacher’s work more attractive, motivating, rewarding and canceling the possibility of teaching as a fallback “waiting to find a better and more paid job”.

So let’s say it clearly: given the complexity of the autonomous school, it is no longer the time for the flattening of the teaching profession and from TODAY – not in 10 years! – it is necessary to open the way for the modernization of an archaic system, that the teaching staff must be able to count on a career option that is not only and only the progression by seniority, that this possible innovation must be based on the Italian school system with transient parameters associated with three factors: commitment to teaching, commitment to organization and function, commitment to training.

Otherwise, it will be late tomorrow and we will guiltily remain stuck for a decade in clause 16 of Art. 21 paragraph 16 of law 59/97 with all due respect to Europe and those who have believed and still believe that a change to the system is possible.

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