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Summer is not a season, it is one state of mind, A mood. Due to the force of the balmy heat, or perhaps the fatigue of a year’s work, the fact is that those who may try to escape to the sea or mountain destinations.

Especially in August, a typical holiday period, the cities and apartment complexes empty out. Who stays? On the one hand there are those who enjoy peace; on the other hand, there are those who take advantage of the summer to argue, and we refer to the “summer apartment brawlers”. Which ones are they? They range from the introduction of smells, to the noise of the air conditioners, to the watering of plants and even in regards to pets.

It is no coincidence that Marco, one of our readers, asks us: “The summer season has arrived, the administrator will definitely be on vacation and so I ask myself and ask you: will the condominium remain covered by the management? In case of condominium disputes or technical contingencies within the condominium structure, who should we contact and what behavior should we take? Thanks for your reply and happy holidays“.

Dear Marco, the administrator entitled to a rest period; but first with a little advance, must report the building which he administers to resolve urgent matters. The holiday advertisement must be published on the apartment’s notice board and must contain the start date and end date of the holidays as well as their contacts: an obligation set out in art. 1129 of the Italian Civil Code, which says “instead of access to the condominium or of greater common use, also accessible to third parties, an indication of the administrator’s generality, address and contact information, including telephone numbers, is posted “, ad abundantiam provide the names of the tradesmen who can be contacted in case of emergency.

After that, all overdue payments must be honored, avoids paying interest and arrears in case of any delays for the owner-occupied flat. The administrator must also check the situation of the building And determine that there is no risk of injury, both for owner-occupied apartments and for third parties accessing them, such as holes, unsafe tiles, faults in the electricity and water system. This is because the administrator, by virtue of the mandate, is responsible for the building also for damages that occur due to the collapse of its structures, which are not derived from random events, but are a consequence of his failure to intervene.

The management of “summer condominium damage”that is, the defiance that one condominium performs towards the other, who cannot stand it, it is entrusted to the common sense and intelligence of all condominiums present because in case of use of the barbecue and the consequent emission of odors and fumes, there is nothing that prohibits its use unless it is daily. Due to the noise caused by the vitality of children playing in the common areas, there is no prohibition, just remember that play is a real “right”, as sanctioned by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989), which highlights the role play plays in the child’s psychophysical development. Therefore, common sense suggests respecting only certain times.

Finally, there are the pets, which is part of the family, as all those who have a furry companion roaming around the house will testify. It must be said that the legislator with art. 16 of Act 220/2012 introduced new rules and regulations that help to live in harmony and peace. The law states that the condominium regulations cannot prohibit possession and presence of pets and companions in the home.

We conclude with a sentence read on the web: “Life is better when you’re in the sun“… Common sense” holiday “to all, we will meet again in September.


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By Avv. Sabina Vuolo – Cassation lawyer, legal columnist

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