“The fight against illegal employment starts from school”

That corporal is the illegal dissemination and exploitation of undocumented workers that has a greater impact the agricultural sector. It is a phenomenon very complex relates to both Italians and foreigners, spread across the country. The emergence of migration flows the last decade has also meant that more and more foreign nationals they are forcedin spite of oneself, to act as cheap labour and without any protection.

Data from the agricultural sector

According to the latest data released regarding the presence of illegal employment and illegal work in the agricultural sector sacrifice of this phenomenon, they would be 400 thousand. Almost eighty percent of these workers is a foreigner and receives a daily wage that amounts to about half than that stipulated by national contracts. The phenomenon is more widespread in the South, but it is also increasing in the north and center of the country. Interris.it, regarding this issue and prevention methods to be adopted, interviewed the president of Acli Terra, Nicola tablet.

The interview

What is the current situation regarding illegal employment in Italy? How can this phenomenon be countered and prevented in the agricultural sector?

“There are certainly pockets of illegality all over Italy. I say this to emphasize that the employment is not only a phenomenon in the south of Italy, but that the illegality of the management of male and female workers is also present in other national realities. In the last twenty years, there have been several counter-actions that have had effective results, and therefore there has been an improvement in social security, including for immigrant workers. However, there are still elements of illegality, in agriculture as in many other sectors of the world of work where there is illegal work. A measure that, in addition to all those already taken by the institutions, can many times be taken by the regions, which in the last twenty years have been very attentive to this phenomenon, is school education. Mafia- the phenomena in Sicily and in southern Italy began to falter when the trauma of the massacres in the early 90s created a cultural movement in the schools involving the younger generations, who tried to redeem himself from what was the Mafia yoke. A strong education in the school world for legality, transparency in the professional world and safety in the workplace represents a system of redemption from the phenomena of exploitation. Then there is another theme which holds this speech in schools, which also allows the children of agricultural entrepreneurs to be the controllers and teachers of the same fathers and, for the children of male and female workers, to be the stimulus for a ransom or a condemnation of fathers or for parents to set a good example because, thanks to school education, such discourses are freely introduced. Therefore, an education to contrast the phenomenon can be implemented through the school system. This, in the 90s, was one of the formidable tools to fight the underworld and can be very useful even now for this phenomenon”.

How does Acli Terra act and has it acted to counter the phenomenon of renting agriculture? How can Made in Italy be improved through healthy agricultural work?

“In recent years, Acli Terra has implemented a Fami project to combat illegal employment and collaborate with schools and colleges through meetings on good, healthy and safe work to make people understand what are the distortions of illegal work, exploitation and illegal work. employment. The aim is to bring forward the professional perspective of young people on paths to legality and training for a healthy and controlled employment relationship. We have carried out this action for some years now in eight Italian regions. The second task is what we do every day in terms of accompaniment and assistance to companies through agricultural assistance centers and to workers through Acli patronage.In this activity the distortions of labor relations are brought to light, thus asking to heal them and make them legal, thus implementing a form of professional pedagogy from the side of our operators Made in Italy has an important economic value on the qualification of the product, which is based on originality the ity of the organoleptic and biological content of the products and on the ability to transform them. The latter is therefore in a highly specialized craft to have a quality product, trained and prepared operators who rely on regularity of employment. It is on the volume of production that undeclared work and illegal employment work. While Italy, when Italy has to base its export economy on quality, it is inevitable that the same employee, worker and processor must have high skills; therefore it escapes exploitation work because it needs training. This, in addition to any official certification, is already a good way”.


What are your expectations for the future regarding illegal employment? What legislative changes do you think would be necessary?

“There must be slogans rather than wishes, such as qualification of the production. Raising it in the agri-food sector also means raising the status of women workers and employees. By doing so, we will propose a product that comes from a specific competence and responds to a high satisfaction of customers who are able to understand and intercept the quality of the work. The latter can only be expressed by workers who have a good reputation and in a process of continuous updating, training and security. This means putting two elements in food processing, know-how or the ability to know how to do things, but also why-how that indicates why we do things, that is the story of our food. In this way, the entire work system is secured”.

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