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What are the differences between an extract and a centrifuge? What are the best recipes that can combine taste and beneficial properties. But above all, what are the 5 best machines on the market for making fruit juice at home? Let’s see it together

Centrifuged and extracts fruit and vegetables is a healthy habit that we should all incorporate into ours Power supplyespecially to replace industrial fruit juices loaded with sugars, dyes and preservatives.
Now every bar provides the opportunity to consume centrifuge and extractsthe small disadvantage is that often for one centrifuges at the bar you spend more than €5.00 and therefore it can be more of an investment to make it a healthy habit. But don’t worry, there is a solution: at the cost of a month centrifuge or extracts in the bar you can actually buy one machine to make yours at home natural fruit juice.

fruit extracts

Differences between extract and centrifuge

L’extract and centrifuge they are not the same, almost everyone knows that by now. The centrifuge works with blades at very high speed, you save time, but the result is a worse juice, because the entire bulk of the fruit remains in the sieve that comes with the machine. The extract, on the other hand, is not obtained by using any blade, but only with cold-pressed fruit and vegetables. There is practically no waste in the extract and therefore the drink is much more closeboth like consistency than as property.

centrifuged vs extract

The best machines for centrifugation and extracts

Select best machines on the market between extractors and centrifuges you have to keep in mind many factors: how much you use it, what do you prefer between extract And centrifugedthe report quality pricethe speed of cleaning, the greatness. We have chosen them 5 for you:

  1. Hhnn: Centrifuge and extractor

centrifuge vs extract
400W fruit and vegetable juice extractor Cold juicer. 3 speeds. Amazon price 41.59

The first proposal relates to this special machinewho can do both extracts to centrifuged. It has the advantage of having one crib enough large to insert the fruit so as not to have to chop the fruit we want to transform into too small pieces Juice. All away I am removable and can be washed in dishwasher. Excellent value for money, which is also why we put it first in our special top five.

2. Philips Centrifuge

Philips juicer
Centrifuge for fruit and vegetables. Amazon price 74.99

This is a machine it can only do centrifuge. It has several advantages, including that it is a lot compact and a bit voluminouscan it easily find a place in your kitchen. This centrifuge machine Philips it also included “Quick Clean“, or the one clean easy which with a minute restores machine by initial stateready for the next one centrifuge. The price is a bit high, but it compensates with practical and quick execution and cleaning.

3. Panasonic: Extractor only

fruit extractor
Panasonic Bladeless Juice Extractor includes sorbet attachment. Amazon price 199.00

There difference of quality between a centrifuge and one extract we can judge it just by looking at the price of this machine. The fruit and vegetable extractor Panasonic in fact, it almost costs 200.00 euros and do excerpt only, not centrifuged. Has a entrance Much wide for fruitsome fruits can also be inserted without being cut, plus it includes accessories for e.g sorbet, which for lovers of this product could in itself justify the expense. Also rich in accessories as carafe juice collector in two sizes, the anti-drain spout and Brush for cleaning. The dimensions are also absolutely practical. If you consume one medium high from extracts then this machine, despite the price, is something for you.

4. Keenray: Extractor only

fruit extract
Cold juicer. 600 ml juice jug. Amazon price 69.99

If what you want is a machine I only do excerpts, but you do contain expensesthen you can direct your interest in this machine from 70.00 euros which has all the essential features to get a real one fruit and vegetable extract: cold pressing, mini juicer with brush, pieces removable for washing.

5. Bosch: Spin only

Bosch juicer
Bosch Centrifuge. Capacity 2 liters. Available in black and white. Amazon price 77.89

As the last machine, we have chosen one characteristics within household appliances. Only centrifuges, this one Bosch is currently on sale at Amazon to 40% in relation to the list price of 129.00 Euros. As long as the offer is active, if centrifuge they are your passion, I recommend you to take advantage of them. Maximum capacity for insertion fruithigh performance motor, cable compartment, elimination automatic of waste.

Best Recipes Extracts and Centrifuges

If you have selected your machineare you now ready to combine your fruits And vegetables favorites to make a perfect fruit juice. We recommend some combinations that combine taste for property beneficial:

fruit juice

Peach apple and ginger

ONE perfect combination for summer, particularly suitable for extraction. The freshness of apple and fishingand their consistencies that are balanced will be enriched with flavor sparkling of ginger. The properties of ginger are absolutely beneficial when suffering from pharyngitis, cold And shortness of breath.

ginger properties

Fennel melon and pear

Unpublished combination but a lot tasty and suitable for both extractor and centrifuge. This combination is especially suitable for those looking for a drink refreshing And cleansingbut also with a large impact on the system digestion.


Plums, raspberries, blueberries and lemon

Another non-obvious combination, it is fine both as an extract and as a centrifuge, it is a real remedy for those who suffer a lot with swelling in the legs. It especially benefits those who suffer from i capillaries. Recommended dose: 4 plums, 3 spoons off raspberry, 3 from blueberry and a half lemon. Enjoy it at the beginning of the day, maybe after one go regenerating.


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