Supplenze Scuola 2022-2033 at the start: guide to the online application

Signed up for the GPS and GaE ranking list: no later than August 16, I will send temporary job applications for the 2022/2023 school year: here is the guide for filling out the PDF.

I am open from 2 August the functions for presentation of online instances in connection with questions regarding substitute teaching for the school year 2022/2023. All aspiring teachers included in GaE rankings who have not already been employed in the role and also those who are part of GPS locationsand thus obtain fixed-term contracts for the school year that begins in September.

Let’s see below how the procedure works.

Application for school substitutes

The functions for presenting applications aimed at participation in procedure mentioned in Ministerial Order No. 188 of 21 July 2022 and the one referred to in Article 2, subsection 4, letter a) and b) of OM n. 112/22 will be available until 16 August, using the relevant MIUR platform. The question is about:

  • annual replacements to fill vacant professorships and teaching positions in joint or support positions and vacancies no later than 31 December in joint or support positions,
  • temporary replacements to cover chairs and positions that are not vacant, but actually vacant per 31 December and until the end of the school year, for teaching hours that do not constitute seats or timetables.

Who can apply

All applicants included in the GaE for temporary posts who have not already been appointed to the role and those included in the GPS can submit the application.

in’List of questions you must select one or more provinces/rankings to which you intend to submit the application. If you are present both in the GaE and in the GPS in different provinces and if you select only the GaE province, the system will not allow you to proceed with the extraordinary appointment procedure in role (DM 188/2022), where you can enter new preferences or change the ones already entered.

Requirements and compilation

MIUR has also delivered one Instructions for completing applications 2022-2023 for submitting questions (Operating Instructions for Compilation of the 2022-23 instance): an in-depth guide in PDF that clarifies numerous doubts.

Aspiring teachers are required to provide some specific information:

  • possession of requirements pursuant to Article 5 ter of Legislative Decree 228/2021 to express preferences for entry into the role
  • Order of preference of educational institutions by competition class, for substitutes aimed at admission to the role and by competition class and site type for annual substitutes / until the end of teaching activities;
  • possession of the priority requirements according to L. 104;
  • possession of titles of teaching for special job types, differentiated teaching methods, English language in primary school.

The section Declaration of preferences for temporary workers with a view to employment in the roleis only active for applicants who meet the requirements of Article 5 ter of Legislative Decree 228/2021, which can only be completed for supportif you meet the requirements.

NB: The requirement of three years of employment in the state’s educational institutions is not required for the support position.

Transmission with online instances

Requests are sent through the usual ministerial platform, in the section Online instanceswith access through:

  • SPID digital credentials (Public Digital Identity System);
  • CIE (electronic identity card);
  • eIDAS (electronic identification, authentication and trust services).

In all casesactivates specifies the “Online Instances (POLIS – Online Presentation of the IStances)” service, which is obtained by having an institutional email address ( or other personal address and access information available.

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