Student athlete: from guidance to monitoring actions. Download a custom training project template

As part of the educational dimension that supports the student joining the “didactic project for students and high-level athletes”, which is planned and regulated by ministerial decree April 10, 2018, n. 279, for the implementation of § 1 piece. 7, letter g) of Law No. 107, in collaboration with the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) and the Italian Paralympic Committee (CIP), confirms the fundamental importance of the interaction between the school and the reference sports organizations (through their respective school and sports counselors) and the family.

Tutors enhance the student’s experience by accompanying him in the growth process

The cooperation between the teachers, as well as constituting an indispensable link between the different educational components, improves the student’s experience by accompanying him in the process of growth in the related disciplinary, transversal and sporting skills. In this connection, ministerial note no. 2359 of 22-07-2022 calls on the supervisors to jointly identify the transversal skills that can be developed in the experimental project, if a path to transversal skills and orientation (PCTO) is not attached to the project. If it is deemed useful, at the end of the school year, the Sports Counselor could, through a short report, highlight them in the description of the student-athlete’s path.

Plans for inclusion

For Olympic and Paralympic student-athletes who already benefit from a plan of inclusion (under Law No. 170 of 2010 or Law No. 104 of 1992), after registering on the platform, complete and send the relative PFP signed by the Rector , ministerial note n. 2359 of 22-07-2022 foresees that it is possible, if it is considered useful, to attach “Rubrica_CdC” to the plan of the personal measures adopted by the class council, in order to consider the PFP as an integral part of the same level. This with the hope that this integration will lead to a comprehensive planning of the student’s educational path, to a simplification in the preparation of the relative plans and to the promotion of participating in the project.

Pathways to cross-skills and PCTO guidance

As part of the Personalized Training Project (PFP) in question, Ministerial Note No. 2359 of 22-07-2022 has stipulated, “the” courses for transversal skills and orientation “(PCTO as the renaming of alternating school-work courses) are also included, whose discipline still draws inspiration, as well as from the guidelines defined by ministerial decree of 4 September 2019, n. 774, from the previous interpretative notes issued by the Directorate General for School Systems and Evaluation (DGOSV note no. 7194 of 24 April 2018, which reminds note no.3355 of March 28, 2017). In these last notes, the traceability of sports activities performed by student-athletes at the highest competitive levels to – then called – school-work alternating activities was defined; therefore, a special “agreement must regulate the relationship between the school and the host structure, identified with the body, federation, company or sports association recognized by CONI, which follows the student’s athletic path, which will designate the ex tern guides with the task of ensuring the connection between the latter and the educational institution. Particular attention must be paid to specific training on health and safety in the environments where athletic activities take place and to the specific risks associated with the use of sports tools and equipment.

Status as a student athlete at a high level with a view to verticality

In continuity with the EU guidelines on dual careers drawn up in Brussels in 2012, which aim to create a common line for the development of sustainable programs in the European context to protect athletes both in their position as sportsmen and women. that of students and/or workers and to the conclusions of the Council and the representatives of the governments of the Member States, assembled in the Council, on the double career of the athletes in 2013, the Italian National Olympic Committee – CONI, in a Working Table established on the basis of the memorandum of understanding that was signed in Rome on July 2, 2020 by the presidents of CONI, Centro Universitario Sportivo Italiano (CUSI) and UNISPORT ITALIA, we read in the ministerial note n° 2359 of 22-07-2022, have proposed a document with national guidelines for the incentive and support of the dual career of high-level athletes who undertake a college career. This document, which defines “student-athlete status” in the university environment, indicates, by analogy and continuity with the project in question, the athletic and general criteria, the essential benefits of any dual-career program and the additional benefits, evaluation, duties of the student-athlete , the financial support and the curricular recognition of this career that shows an ever greater care and attention to the sports culture in the student’s life path.

The recognition of the path to the “elevate at a high level” carried out in high school

The recommendation made by the ministry with the minister’s note No. 2359 of 22-07-2022, universities include the recognition of “high level student athlete” path performed in high school by the student when enrolling in a university study, especially with the aim of creating the admission ranking for programs with two careers, it is recommended that The commission “awards additional curriculum results to those who have successfully completed the programs of the StudentiAtleti project at a high level, a project coordinated by the Ministry of Education and proposed to educational institutions state and equal secondary schools. schools in the national territory”.

Monitoring actions

Also for the current school year, we read in ministerial note n. 2359 of 22-07-2022 signed by the executive director Maria Assunta Palermo, a quantitative monitoring action was carried out (article 6 of the ministerial decree n. 279 of 2018) and a qualitative analysis for to demonstrate improvement factors in communication and in setting up the pilot project, the effectiveness and efficiency of the PFP as an operational tool. The results, with two focuses, one on the adapted methodological/didactic measures adopted and on the personalization of the controls, and one on the Italian Paralympic Committee, can be accessed on the website of the Ministry of Education for this path: Home> Subjects and services> School > Student and Youth Welfare> School Sports Policies> Student Project for High Level Athletes>.

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