Stress-free travel with children

Good morning Mom and Dad, welcome back to the Thursday column for Conscious Parents. However, being aware means, among other things, knowing how to recognize children’s emotional needs. Let’s talk about it with reference to a topic on the agenda this August: travel and vacations.

Stress-free traveling with children means knowing how to welcome them and organize accordingly

You may not know it, but exploring is a human tendency present from birth, and you can travel immediately if it does not cause anxiety and stress in you.

If you feel comfortable and safe at home in the early days or are too tired and less inclined to cope with change, start traveling when the child is a little more independent.

If, on the other hand, you can’t wait to explore the world with your puppy, do so with the changes in your life in mind.

That which matters, as it always is consider your feelings and your needs as well as his.

Traveling is too a habit that needs to be created through repeated experiences that enable the child to get used to what will happen.

Remember to also tell what will happen differently than usual on the day of departure, e.g.

Day trips also help create this habit. The child gets used to sitting in the car more than usual, for example or waking up a little earlier than usual.

What is important for multi-day trips is avoid disturbing the daily routinemaintain, for example, the afternoon nap and bedtime in the evening.

This will avoid having to deal with situations of tiredness and confusion that generate stress for the child and nervous and uncooperative behavior that usually creates stress for the parents as well.

When you travel, you have to adapt to their needs, not the other way around

Change the size of your expectations compared to his needs: If you previously explored the city from morning to night and visited all the tourist attractions, now plan at least one morning and one afternoon stop at the park where your child can let off steam.

Do not plan unsustainable driving schedules but agree to travel at your child’s pace and let him choose what to see too.

Avoid places that are too crowded or where he has to sit still and quiet for a long time: this state is not sustainable.

If there is that museum you just don’t want to miss, change with your partner: while you go to the museum he will stay with the child and then you will stay there and he will in return visit something of his interest.

The same applies to relaxing on the sunbed by the sea, you can easily change and regenerate both of you and enjoy the stress-free journey with children.

This does not mean that you take separate holidays, but that both you and him you can spare a few hours of the day or a few days a set aside places to enjoy the holidays as adults.

You will all benefit and still have time to share together.

If you want to eat out, prefer lunch or go to evening restaurants that allow you to eat at times that suit children’s evening routine.

How to manage travel

Stress-free traveling with children also means planning trips in an intelligent and respectful way for their needs. The primary needs as a child are to sleep and eat and to feel welcome.

If you are traveling by car and have many hours ahead of you, leave very early so that your baby will fall asleep again in the car and when he wakes up he will be calm and relaxed and more patient.

If necessary, take a break to let him let off steam and resume the trip at the time of the next nap or split the trip into two days.

Avoid the television or mobile phone because it can make him nauseous, prepare suitable activities for the children to do during the journey, such as coloring. My daughter enjoys Melissa & Doug coloring books or just a game like this.

When the child starts to get bored and also wants to leave to listen and sing her own with him songs you prefer it helps.

Prefer flights that include boarding before or shortly after your usual bedtime, or that depart without having to leave the house in the middle of the night, as at the airport you may no longer sleep due to light and noise.

And always remember putting water in your bag or backpack e lots of snacks for the trip there are crackers, fruit bars, dried fruit, whatever you want, but remember: what stresses your child the most, especially when it is small, is lack of sleep and hunger.

Take care of these needs and your family will enjoy a peaceful, stress-free vacation.

Have a nice trip!

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