School, chaos in the rankings in Naples: scoring stopped two years ago

Now those unsure about the school have an appointment every August. Also this year, there is chaos in the formation of the provincial ranking list for substitutes, the so-called Gps, on which the allocation of temporary positions for teachers for the coming school year, which opens administratively on September 1, depends. The unions are reporting numerous errors and are working hard to explain to teachers the procedures to re-enter the rankings or have scores reassigned. Among the first to sound the alarm is the Teachers’ Guild, after the numerous reports from the members of Naples, who strongly ask to “change the recruitment systems, to postpone the dates for submitting replacement applications and to review the timing and methods of processing the rankings, especially for GPS, which should have benefited from the computerization of the system ».

From August 2, it is possible to submit temporary applications, but the ranking list for temporary workers and for the recruitment of the first GPS support bracket contains various errors. «Too many errors in the GPS, many deputies do not find the score for two years of service, practically the updated ones. The platform doesn’t work, they didn’t let us test it as we asked, maybe out of fear that we would publicly expose its serious flaws,” he charges Francesco Sinopoli, general secretary of Flc Cgil. According to Gilda, «many teachers will not be able to participate because the computer system has unfairly excluded them from the rankings. This will result in a surplus of work for the territorial offices, which are already overburdened and with reduced staff, will be forced to jump through hoops to restore their positions and allow these teachers to enter applications before August 16. Furthermore, there is no uniformity between the different Usr because the ministerial statements are not clear “and accuses the ministry of a disservice that will lead to problems for the start of the school year and insists that” it will be impossible to have all the teachers in the chair from the first of September”. No less is Uil Scuola for the Secretary General’s vote Giuseppe D’Aprile: «The errors in the system and the inconsistencies in connection with the provincial school rankings are unfortunately not a new fact. For the third year in a row, there is a risk of compromising the rights of workers with serious damage, also to the didactic continuity that this ministry has brought about. The first data, if confirmed throughout the national territory, throw us back two years: the Ministry will have to be responsible for it and take responsibility’.

The unions therefore condemn “many repeated serial errors” and the algorithm introduced by the then minister Azzolina is still under investigation. Among the most frequent errors, doubling or lack of scores, service titles loaded on the support and not found in the common place, names disappeared from the lists, the presence of teachers who have not dissolved the reserve, forgotten preferences. «The Ministry of Education has ordered the supervisory authorities to publish the Gps right next to the procedures for the selection of substitutes. Impossible to do. More time is needed for the territorial offices. We ask that these rankings be corrected to avoid disagreements that, like last year, lasted until December, creating even more chaos”, Uil Scuola emphasizes. And indeed last school year between permanent teachers with Covid or without Green Pass, there was a continuous chaos to find substitutes. For three days, the race to correct the rankings has therefore started with chaos at Usr Campania in Ponte della Maddalena to correct the entries of titles and scores, but among the hopeful substitutes there is a lot of anxiety about not being able to do it. , as happened to several teachers last year when they found themselves excluded from the rankings for no reason due to the algorithm. This is why Gilda requests the restoration of the writ in person. The only solution: a quick appeal to the TAR or to the President of the Republic.

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