Production and storage of green hydrogen with Nidec Industrial Solutions

Nidec Industrial Solutions, part of the Energy & Infrastructure Division of the Nidec Group and among the groups committed to the economic restart for greater sustainability, consolidates itself as a reference player in the rapidly growing green hydrogen market, also thanks to two important new orders .

The first, received from a world leader in the production, storage and distribution of green hydrogen, concerns the production of green hydrogen through the supply of a 5 MW power unit (Power to Supply) to be installed as part of a power plant. electrolysis test.

The second, on the other hand, concerns the storage of liquid hydrogen and sees Nidec Industrial Solutions supplying a leading customer in the reciprocating compressor segment with 14 electric motors for compression trains to be delivered in the United States to one of the main companies operating in the green hydrogen sector. The plants will be installed in the southwestern United States.

These two new projects highlight the consolidation of Nidec Industrial Solutions’ offer aimed at new energy sectors, especially green hydrogen, which is establishing itself as central to the future European energy scenario and whose development will also be promoted thanks to the growing investments announced of the EU.

Around the first hydrogen production order, the power supply will be delivered in a 40ft container and will use 6 Nidec AD7000 power modules working in parallel to generate 5.6MW of power. The power unit has several unique features, such as a hermetically sealed oil transformer using vegetable oil, further reducing the plant’s environmental impact.

Nidec Industrial Solutions is no stranger to the hydrogen market, having supplied power units for more than 10 green hydrogen electrolysis systems across Europe. This considerable experience has led to the design of a very economical, compact modular unit with a high degree of reliability and efficiency, based on Nidec converters and power management systems.

In the second project, which sees Nidec Industrial Solutions as a protagonist in the field of liquid hydrogen storage, the company supplies the electrical component of the order, then the 14 motors to be connected to the mechanical part, consisting of 14 compressors. In this way, 14 connected machines are created, designed together by Nidec Industrial Solutions and the customer, which must transform the hydrogen from gaseous to liquid state and store from 15 to 30 t of hydrogen per day in special tanks.

A major investment that will continue with the production of another 20 units within the calendar year and of additional factories in Korea, consolidating Nidec Industrial Solutions as a reference partner in the development of series of large electric motors for its customers, in this case studied specifically to reduce the cost and installation time of these plants on a large scale and in a large number of locations located in different regions.

“With our technologies, we contribute to the growth of the hydrogen market, where we have already been present for some time in the production phase and where we are expanding our presence by also developing the electrical components for its storage”, says the CEO. Dominique Llonch.

“In this very dynamic market, we position ourselves as a group able to take responsibility for customer needs – from lowering production costs to standardization, from increasing capacity to reducing delivery times – to create product lines that are in able to respond quickly to their needs”, adds Llonch.

“Both of these projects will lead to the production of green energy that guarantees maximum reliability and safety, which stems from our experience in developing machines to work in hazardous areas; they are two more milestones that confirm the key role of Nidec Industrial Solutions’ innovation in the future of the energy industry”, concludes Llonch.

Nidec Industrial Solutions has participated in some of the largest green hydrogen pilot projects in Europe, many of which were the first of their kind. In addition to being present at facilities for the production of green hydrogen, Nidec Industrial Solutions can boast a wide range of solutions for the production of non-green hydrogen.

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