MAD Primary and Secondary Teachers Trento: how to apply

From 1 to 12 August it is possible to submit the application MAD teachers to teach in primary and secondary schools in the province of Trento.

These are the requests to make them available for teaching teachers outside the rankings they can send to educational institutions to obtain temporary substitutes in the primary and secondary schools.

The application is computerized. To help you complete and submit it We provide you with the PDF guide to download and we explain in detail how MAD works for primary and secondary teachers in Trento, who can submit it and how to apply.


With the Circular No. 525727 of July 26, 2022, in fact, the deadlines and procedures for submitting the request to make available for teaching (MAD) outside the ranking in primary and secondary schools in the Province of Trento have been published. In case of exhaustion of the school’s rankings and unavailability of candidates from the rankings of other scholastic institutions, the school administrators can proceed with the allocation of annual assignments and temporary replacements by comparing the employment applications submitted directly to the scholastic institution.

Basically schools can draw on unranked lists, composed of the teachers who presented the MAD, to fill any vacant and vacant positions that it was not possible to fill with the teachers who were on the ranking list. In order to collect requests to make available to applicants interested in teaching primary and secondary schools at the first and second levels for the next school year, the Province of Trento has prepared a special computerized procedure for MAD 2022/2023. The latter aims to ensure the objectivity and transparency of the selection of aspiring teachers outside the rank system, simplify the presentation of applications and facilitate the selection operations of the school head and secretarial staff.

Let’s see in detail who can apply for MAD teachers for primary and secondary schools in Trento and how to submit it.


Candidates who are not included in the ranking list of the school to which the application is addressed, hold teaching requirementsi.e. the conformity of the qualification and study plan with when the sector regulations require it for the type of joint position.

For support places, primary school foreign languages, Clil and Montessori teaching methods (specific position), priority will be given to teachers in possession of the relative qualification/special qualification. For the secondary school, candidates who have obtained 24 CFU / CFA in anthropopsycho-pedagogical disciplines and in teaching methods and technologies will also have priority in the selection of teachers for the recruitment of MAD.


The application for admission to the MAD lists of teachers from the province of Trento for primary and secondary schools must be completed and sent exclusively electronically through the relevant procedure available from the web portal dedicated to the school of the province of Trento for teachers as 2022/2023, from 10.00 on 1 August 2022 to 10.00 on 12 August 2022.

To access the online form, visit the page dedicated to MAD Trento teachers as 2022/23, following the path School portal in Trentino> Information Sheet> Availability Request (MAD)and click Get access to the MAD system for the primary school or Log in to the MAD system for the high school.

To complete and submit the instances you must authenticate with a SPID identity (Public Digital Identity System) or with an electronic identity card (CIE) or with a Provincial Service Card (CPS) or with a National Service Card (CNS) and follow the relevant COMPILATION INSTRUCTIONS (Pdf 269Kb) .


We are making the GUIDE (Pdf 170Kb) available for the computerized application to make available to primary and secondary teachers in the first and second grades in the Autonomous Province of Trento for as 2022/2023.


Several schools throughout the country they periodically open questions provision of teachers for the assignment of temporary, short or up to the end of the lessons. For all information about accessibility, you can read this useful guide, where you can also find MAD teacher template to download and all information about how to send FOOD free and at MAD online.

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